The Big Problem With Virtual Airlines (My Opinion)

So, as being kinda of a old member, I have realised that VAs have been “uneceserally” being made, as if you see there are about 25 plus VAs with only really 2 or 3 actually being active, my point here is that new members, feel kinda forced do join a Virtual Airline, also, I think it’s preety cool that people make native VAs, i.e. Azores Airlines, but seeing this have been vanishing slowly. Well, this also makes VAs with a LOT of people (200+) but only actually they only have about 6-18 active people who log flights. The solution here is to look at a bigger organization, in this case VATSIM. My solution is to look at a organization (many might now know but they take IF as a joke) the organization of these mass aliances are over 500 people, and everyone is active. What VAs have been doing have not helped much as doing a aviation knowledge quiz have not been workful, Please put your comments on this issue to find a solution on this everlasting problem. (Mods please do not close this as this could help VAs a lot).

Please get your facts right before stating stuff. There aren’t only 2 or 3 VAs active…there’s definitely much more than that. Yes, a lot of people do realise that VA inactivity is an issue and the IFVARB are trying their very best to solve that problem.


There is no solution that works both ways. It’s been tried before but at this rate we just let the ones that were poorly made and rushed fizzle out on their own. A good VA will stay for a very very very long time.

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As I like I didn’t understand this

Have you ever actually tried joining a Virtual Airline and seeing how operations inside work? Maybe you could learn more from that before addressing that ‘Almost all VAs are inactive and have too many members and are unnecessarily start up’.


I didn’t realise you were in every VA and knew how active they were. ;)

Sorry this topic ain’t needed.