The "Big Picture"

Evening all,

I don’t post often for many different reasons but mostly because I’m working. Occasionally I have the privilege to fly instead of controll and I have noticed a common theme with a lot of controllers. When operating at airports with multiple runways don’t be afraid to use them! This is easier “said” than done when the runways are parallel I.e. 26L and 26R but don’t be afraid to do so if you have multiple runways that may be perpendicular in nature as well.

Hawaii is a popular Garden Spot on I.F. for a multitude of reasons and it gets backed up quite often. If your a ground controller at PHOG or PHNL don’t be afraid to taxi an aircraft to another runway besides the main one in use. More often than not the TWR controller will probably be happy / relieved and say “Wow, that ground controller is “Dynomite””. On a serious note, the theme behind this post is for all controllers to be more situationally aware. If you have the time and only have one runway space arrivals 5 miles apart so you can get a departure out in between each one. Use the “360” command if spacing looks off but don’t let jam ups happen because you get so focused on one runway. If your at PHOG, “enter right base runway 5” will give you the ability to get 3 Airplanes off the ground so you can focus on “172 Heavy” who’s just taking off from PHNL and requesting landing at PHOG

My last point before I close is “prioritizing” traffic. I admire the fact that a lot have chosen to be GND controll and TWR at the same airport. It’s cool to see the self imposed challenges / learning experiences go on. I’ve seen a lot progress from these very type of operations, myself included. However, as we all have seen when there are 3 airports with ATC open in a region and then it goes down to one, traffic gets crazy. I think I even heard the “Space Station” call inbound one time which backs up our “Situational Awarness” on ground and tower. As controllers we try to be heros but sometimes when there are multitudes of request “Continue inbound” is a very useful command. It relays to the pilot that the controller is busy but he / she recognizes you and for the controller it frees up your prompt from 20 request for landing 70 miles away.

I digress, I’m not perfect and I think the community has “Quality” controllers instead of quantity but I also know we as a group can do better. Thus, remember the other runways and don’t let them be empty when contolling. Keep the flow going we playing 2 controllers and last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Happy Landings,