The Big Behemoth (KJFK-WSSS)

Singapore Airlines Flight 23, New York JFK to Singapore

I flew the famed longest passenger flight in the world, operated by Singapore Airlines. I flew from New York JFK to Singapore. The flight was done on the expert server and the flight time was exactly 18 hours. I cruised at Mach 0.85, and I step climbed from FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410.

Flight Information:

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Singapore Airlines
Route: New York JFK (KJFK) - Singapore (WSSS)
Flight time: 18 hours and 0 minutes
Server: Expert

Photos (Please turn your device to full brightness for full effect)


Turning on to 31L

Airborne, 18 hours to go!

Turning north with a view of JFK

Sunrise somewhere over the Atlantic

Making progress

Sunset somewhere over Russia

Descending into Singapore over the South China Sea

Buttering the landing (-156 FPM)

Finally, after 18 hours, we’ve arrived.

Thanks for checking out my photos!


Epic! I have never flown that route before, I should definitely try it.


It was awesome! I felt very accomplished afterward.

nice shots :D

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One of my favorite routes to do! Great job and outstanding pics!

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Thank you so much! @IFBLOGS @Daniel_Steinman

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did you use full tank fuel?

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I didn’t fill up all the way, but I used almost full.

Cool man 👍👍

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