The Big Apple Flyout @ KJFK - 212000ZDEC19

The Big Apple Flyout

Server: Expert

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2019-12-21T20:00:00Z

Welcome to the New York City flyout. New York City is not only the greatest city in the world, but a key gateway to the United States. With thousands of daily departures and nonstop flights to 5 (soon to be 6) continents, you can get to anywhere in the world from this global gateway.

About the airport

KJFK, the heartbeat of aviation in New York, is a 4 runway airport located in Southern Queens along the Jamaica Bay. Kennedy Airport has nonstop flights to hundreds of destinations in the U.S. and across the world.
For a complete list of airlines and destinations, click here


  • There will be specific spawn-in times for each terminal, etc. in order to not overload the server. There will also be specific pushback and taxi times per terminal.

The success of the event is dependent on everyone’s co-operation. Blatant Infinite Flight rule-breaking and/or disregard for others may cause moderator actions.


Terminal 1
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
02 @Adam_Goodman Frankfurt Lufthansa A380
03 Paris Air France A380
04 Moscow Aeroflot 777-300ER
05 Seoul Korean Air A380
06 Rome Alitalia 777-200ER
07 @Manav_Suri London (LGW) Norwegian 787-9
08 Turkey Turkish 777-300ER
10 Jeddah Saudi 777-300ER
11 Manilla (stop in Vancouver) Philippines 777-300ER
Hardstand 01N Beijing Air China 747-8
Hardstand 95 Taiwan EVA 787-10
Hardstand 94 Tokyo (RJAA) Japan Air 787-9
Hardstand 97 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc 787-8
Hardstand 83 Baku Azerbaijan 787-8
Hardstand 85 Oslo Norwegian 787-9
Terminal 2
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate 60 Baltimore Delta Connection CRJ-200
Gate 61 Austin Delta A319
Gate 62 Portland (OR) Delta 737-900
Gate 63 Fort Lauderdale Delta A321
Gate 64 West Palm Beach Delta A319
Gate 65 Salt Lake City Delta 737-900
Gate 66 Orlando Delta A321
Gate 67 Tampa Delta 717-200
Gate 68 Indianapolis Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 69 San Diego Delta 757-200
Gate 70 San Jose Delta 737-900
Hardstand 99 Montreal Delta Connection CRJ-200
Terminal 4
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate 02 Mexico City Aeromexico 787-8
Gate 03 Dubai Emirates A380
Gate 04 Panama City Copa 737-800
Gate 05 London Virgin Atlantic A340-600
Gate 06 Amsterdam KLM 747-400
Gate 07 Delhi Air India 777-300ER
Gate 20 @ouzi Dakar/Diass Delta 767-300
Gate 22 Rome Delta A330-300
Gate 25 Phoenix Delta 737-900
Gate 26 Paris Delta A330-300
Gate 27 Tel Aviv Delta A330-300
Gate 28 London Delta 767-300
Gate 29 Zurich Delta A330-300
Gate 30 Milan Delta A330-300
Gate 31 Sao Paolo Delta 767-300
Gate 32 Accra Delta 767-300
Gate 33 @andrew_ayres Atlanta Delta 767-300
Gate 34 Brussels Delta 767-300
Gate 35 Santo Domingo Delta 737-900
Gate 36 Barcelona Delta 767-300
Gate 37 Madrid Delta 767-300
Gate 38 Amsterdam Delta A330-300
Gate 39 Lagos Delta A330-300
Gate 41 Lisbon Delta 757-200
Gate 42 Washington (DCA) Delta Connection E170
Gate 43 Raleigh Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 44 Cleveland Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 45 Dallas (DFW) Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 46 Columbus Delta Connection E170
Gate 47 Boston Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 48 Chicago (ORD) Delta Connection E170
Gate 49 Portland (ME) Delta Connection CRJ-200
Gate 51 Rochester Delta Connection CRJ-200
Gate 53 Cincinnati Delta Connection CRJ-900
Gate 55 Washington (IAD) Delta Connection CRJ-200
Hardstand 86 @Dylan_M Bermuda Delta A319
Hardstand 87 Los Angeles Delta A330-300
Hardstand 88W Denver Delta 737-900
Hardstand 88E Seattle Delta 757-200
Hardstand 89W Las Vegas Delta 737-900
Hardstand 89E Punta Cana Delta 737-900
Hardstand 90 Detroit Delta 717-200
Hardstand 72 Minneapolis Delta 737-900
Hardstand 73 Mexico City Delta 757-200
Hardstand 73A Montego Bay Delta 737-800
Hardstand 74 San Francisco Delta 757-200
Hardstand 78 Dublin Delta 767-300
Hardstand 79 Frankfurt Delta 767-300
Hardstand 80 Zurich Swiss A330-300
Hardstand 82 Piarco Caribbean 737-800
Hardstand 62 Abu Dhabi Etihad A380-800
Hardstand 63 Johannesburg South African A340-600
Hardstand 61 Calgary WestJet 737-700
Terminal 5 Gates
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate 01 Boston JetBlue E190
Gate 02 Fort Myers JetBlue A320
Gate 03 Savannah JetBlue A320
Gate 04 Oakland JetBlue A320
Gate 05 Houston (IAH) JetBlue A320
Gate 06 Reno JetBlue A320
Gate 07 Sarasota JetBlue A320
Gate 08 San Juan JetBlue A321
Gate 09 @RTG113 Santo Domingo JetBlue A321
Gate 10 Aruba JetBlue A321
Gate 11 Albuquerque JetBlue A320
Gate 12 Santiago de los Caballeros JetBlue A321
Gate 14 Long Beach JetBlue A320
Gate 15 Los Angeles JetBlue A321
Gate 16 Nassau JetBlue A320
Gate 17 Punta Cana JetBlue A321
Gate 18 Las Vegas JetBlue A321
Gate 19 Providenciales JetBlue A321
Gate 20 Buffalo JetBlue E190
Gate 21 @JetBlue_48_DJT Fort Lauderdale JetBlue A321
Gate 22 Tampa JetBlue A320
Gate 23 St. Maarten JetBlue A320
Gate 24 Liberia JetBlue A320
Gate 25 Antigua JetBlue A320
Gate 26 San Francisco JetBlue A321
Gate 27 Cancún JetBlue A321
Gate 28 @UnitedGuy19 Orlando JetBlue A321
Gate 29 San Jose (Costa Rica) JetBlue A320
Gate 30 Honolulu Hawaiian 767-300
Hardstand 31 Ponce JetBlue A320
RON 1 Kingston JetBlue A321
RON 2 Ontario JetBlue A320
RON 3 Burbank JetBlue A320
RON 4 Grenada JetBlue A320
Hardstand 01 Montego Bay JetBlue A321
Hardstand 02 New Orleans JetBlue A320
Hardstand 03 West Palm Beach JetBlue A321
Hardstand 04 Port of Spain JetBlue A321
Hardstand 05 Havana JetBlue E190
Hardstand 06 Seattle JetBlue A321
Hardstand 07 Barbados JetBlue A321
Terminal 7
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate 01 Reykjavik 757-200
Gate 02 Seattle 737-900
Gate 03 Tokyo 777-300ER
Gate 04 Doha 777-300ER
Gate 05 @Ryan_Veyr London (LHR) 747-400
Gate 06 London (LGK) 777-200ER
Gate 07 Portland (OR) 737-900
Gate 08 Warsaw 787-8
Gate 09 @TaipeiGuru London (LHR) 777-300ER
Gate 10 @TylerShah Sydney (stop in Los Angeles) 787-9
Gate 11 San Francisco A320
Gate 12 Las Vegas A320 or 737-900
Terminal 8
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate 1 San Diego 737-800
Gate 2 Santiago de Chile 787-9
Gate 3 @A350Flyer Hong Kong 777-300ER
Gate 4 Buenos Aires 777-200ER
Gate 5 @Captain_JR London 777-300ER
Gate 6 Port Bouet 787-8
Gate 7 Los Angeles A321
Gate 8X @snoman Amman 787-8
Gate 10 Dallas (DFW) 757-200
Gate 12 St Thomas 757-200
Gate 14 London 777-300ER
Gate 16 Paris 777-200ER
Gate 31A Baltimore CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 31B Nashville CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 31C Richmond CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 31D Indianapolis CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 32F Philadelphia CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 32G @TRDubh Washington (DCA) CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 32H Columbus CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 32J Toronto CRJ-200 (In substitute for E145)
Gate 33 Chicago 737-800
Gate 34 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Charlotte A320
Gate 35 Miami A321
Gate 36 San Francisco A321
Gate 37 Boston 737-800
Gate 38 Seattle 737-800
Gate 39 Punta Cana 737-800
Gate 40 Phoenix 737-800
Gate 41 Lima 787-9
Gate 42 San Antonio 737-800 (Astrojet)
Gate 43 Bermuda 737-800
Gate 44 San Jose (Costa Rica) 737-800
Gate 45 Montego Bay 737-800
Gate 46 Antigua 737-800
Gate 47 Milan 777-200ER
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Cargo Apron B08 Aguadilla A330-200F
Cargo Apron B07 Istanbul A330-200F
Cargo Apron B06 Bogota A330-200F
Cargo Apron B01 Zaragoza A330-200F
Cargo Apron B02 Halifax 777-200F
Cargo Apron B03 Doha 777-200F
Cargo Apron B04 Zaragoza 777-200F
Cargo Apron B05 Toronto A330-200F
Cargo Apron D09 Atlanta 777-200F
Cargo Apron D10 @Jerseyant Frankfurt 777-200F
Cargo Apron D11 Mexico City 777-200F
FedEx Cargo Apron D01 Indianapolis MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron D03 Memphis MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron D05 Washington (IAD) MD-11F
Cargo Apron D12 Anchorage 777-200F
Cargo Apron D14 Seoul 777-200F
Cargo Apron D15 Shanghai 777-200F
Cargo Apron C01 Jeddah MD-11F
Cargo Apron C04 Chicago (ORD) 757-200
Cargo Apron C05 East Midlands 757-200
Cargo Apron C06 Cincinnati 757-200
Cargo Apron C07 Dubai-Al Maktoum 777-200F
Cargo Apron C08 Anchorage 747-400
Cargo Apron C09 Hangzhou 747-400
Cargo Apron C14 Anchorage 747-8
Cargo Apron C15 Tokyo (RJAA) 747-8
Cargo Apron C02 Chicago (ORD) 747-8
Cargo Apron C03 Luxembourg 747-8
Hardstand 12 @BadPlane Los Angeles 777-200F

To request a gate, quote the gate you want, or just generally reply. Also check to make sure it isn’t already requested.
If you would like a flight that isn’t on here, simply let me know and I’ll try to change it.

(Edit: This event no longer hosted by @rtg113, hosted by @Guxk)


2 things:

  1. Your table isn’t working

  2. There is a SFO flyout the same day as yours 1 hour earlier sponsored by United Virtual. I suggest moving dates

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1 ) Oh well
2 ) It’s the 30th, this is the 7th


Going to push this back. I see there’s a big Sydney flyout on this date as well.

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No there’s 2 SFO events, one is the 30th, one is the 7th. Also this is just a suggestion because fewer people will show up :D

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Yea I just saw that too my bad. Scrolled thru the events category and pushed this back to the 21st.

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Any chance to get me a gate to Tokyo-Haneda via American 777-200? American actually operates the route until it was deemed unprofitable

Could I take this one please? Thanks!

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I’ll see what I can do for you

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gate 34 terminal 8 please

Why? They do this non-stop IRL.

Hi could I get a gate in terminal 4 as a Singapore A380 to Singapore via Frankfurt? Thx

T5 - Gate 21 JetBlue service to Fort Lauderdale Please 🤙🏻

Yes they do but the flight is 16.5 hours in an A350. This would kinda be pushing it with the 777-300ER, especially with headwinds.

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T8 - Gate 3 Cathay service to VHHH please.

T7 Gate 9 for me, please. Looks promising!

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I’ll take this gate, please.

Can I have this please

Can I have a Cargo Apron Generic 77F to LAX?

I would prefer a Cargo apron B. Also, try moving the event back instead of forward. Last fine a event had over 2 months of time, it got like 130 attendees. Try moving it to December 25 and have it be a Christmas event