The best Yoke for Infinite Flight?

I was thinking of buying one of those but aren’t these yokes with USB and not Bluetooth so you can connect to your phone?

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I have the 3D extreme pro as well. I love it, gets the job done well and is not too expensive. Liveflight connect could use improvements however.

If you do not have a throttle quadrant… how do you use the throttle?

You manipulate it on screen. You may also be able to assign buttons on a yoke to ±x percent power as a throttle.

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I use the saitek pro flight yoke it works really well and yes they have a seperate throttle quadrant that works on infinite flight

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I don’t really use a joystick for IF. I can recommend a joystick I use for FSX.
Speedlink Black Widow XE Flight Stick is pretty good.

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