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Hi I have a 6s and I’m about to switch to a xr. What’s the best way with out crashing my phone to play infinite flight on a old device

I don’t think the iPhone XR is an old device :)

But if needed, lower graphics settings, aircraft count.

Hello fellow Saints and Pelicans fan!

Turn your graphic settings down.

Reducing the amount of planes rendered will also help. (Settings > Live > Airplane count)

You can also check this topic for some tips from people that use the same device as yours: Device Compatibility Thread (19.1) - Built By Us For You!

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So you are asking about running it on the XR or 6S? Regardless of device, doing what’s stated below can always help:)

Lower your brightness and graphics down. Those two help the most from my experience. You may also want to have Anti Aliasing on and Limit Frame Rate on as well. Last things I suggest is close out all other tabs and restart your device before your flights. Newer devices tend to run a lot better then older ones like the 6S; you may not need to do much if you are using your XR

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