The best way to go to space! No risks! Every plane works! Launch your plane at any time you want!

Wow! Myanus I…Uh…wait… agh… Uranus is actually in Infinite Flight? This must mean that all planets are actually a part of the Infinite Flight world; or solar system I should say. This brings “Infinite” to a whole new level! I am going to try this glitch out myself.


Infinite Flight is now being renamed to Kerbal Infinite Space Flight Program.


Thing is for some reason I can’t get to the replay for some reason

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You sir are a pioneer


You got that far already?!?!

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Does it have to be a GA aircraft and a military aircraft?

Let’s play a game! Find Earth:

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Right below you if you zoom in a lot


Woah, that’s pretty cool! Took these as well, you can see the beauty of Mexico in the first one!

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You are correct! ;-)

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That’s just earth. It doesn’t load in

That’s really cool! Does this happen on Solo or Live? or both?

All of the above

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I did it and I started ascending rlly high 70,000 ft but how ever long my flight time was that’s when it stopped
Is that supposed to happen



Can someone give me a “watered down” tutorial

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Basically, spawn into a random aircraft and airport, takeoff and then leave the app. Watch videos on YouTube, scroll through the internet, whatever you want. Then return to the app and end the flight. Go into the replay and watch your flight. You might be launched into space.

Probably as simple as I can make it. :)


So now i will answer some of your questions:
Do you need to take a GA aircraft? :No, you can take any plane you want!
When you just fly underground and than back, you were disconnected too short.
Do you have to use Solo or Live? : I would use Live because it’s much easier to disconnect Infinite Flight.

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BTW thanks for your feedback!

I now have a theory how this works:
When Infinite Flight disconnects, the replay can’t read the altitude and pitch and yaw. Now when you open the replay, Infiniteflight fills the missing information with random altitude information so you maybe go straight up to space.
What do you think? Please answer!