The best way to cross Switzerland!

Route description

I was looking for a GA route to fly in the Alps and I found a route that is so beautiful that I think it deserves to be shared here on the community. This route brings you across the entire country of Switzerland as you fly from one end of the country to the other.
The route is St Gallen (LSZR) to Geneva (LSGG) but it can be flown in the other direction. You basically just follow a valley during the entire flight and that’s what makes this flight so fun because you are always surrounded by mountains on either side of you.


Takeoff in St Gallen

Flying over Lake Constance after takeoff

Entering the valley

Now we’re really in the valley. Look at those mountains!

There is a mountain that crosses the valley so I had to fly over it.

Flying over LSMC and LSPU

Flying over Sion (LSGS)

After getting out of the valley, I flew over lake Leman towards Geneva.

Geneva Airport in sight!

Very buttery landing on runway 22 at Geneva!

Parked at the stand, after I flight time of around 45 minutes.

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Very interesting route! I will have to fly it one day

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@Jack_BC, People are free to mix it up, add their own info, text, etc. as long as they have the basic info listed in the category rules. If you mean the 10 photo limit, I misunderstood you. But you can just type “10 photo limit” instead of making it seem like the whole thing is wrong.

Great photos @Philippe_Gilbert, I should really fly this sometime!


Great shots just remember 10 pics max or this topic will be closed 😉

Right, however there was 11 photos so I directed him to the correct format for the topic for the OP to view

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Amaaaaazing shots ! Geneva airport deserves more attention.

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Ok, now I get it.

With this week’s FNF taking place in the Alps, this is an even better occasion to fly this route!

Very interesting route! I have to fly it someday!