The best VA's?

I am looking for a secondary VA after Skyliner. I am Grade 2. I have Slack but since Slack can only handle one group at a time, I can’t use Slack nor any social media.

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Look at this:

@MishaCamp @Carson can this be closed before we get a VA bidding war?

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I’d highly recommend TravelSky.


Ifau if you can make the events.

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Please just flag don’t ask for them personally

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I didn’t flag because i’m not sure if they are allowed or not.

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Try Air Canada or Air Canada Cargo there is also Southwest VA

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Best you flag and see what the mod that comes think…

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Hi, I’m the CEO of Southwest Virtual. We are currently recruiting pilots, and would love to hire you. Visit our website at

We’d love to have you in board at AEJ the partner of Skyliner.

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In case anyone don’t know what AEJ means :)

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Thank you.

But it’s best to message the member, flagging goes towards your rank on the community.

It’s not a nice thing to receive, a kind message will suffice unless it’s in need of a desperate flag.


Just search around, there are a lot.