The Best Transcontinental Flight Ever!

Today, I took a trip on the serious side, venturing across the country on the glorious Expert Server. No fool’s work here, just fun and thrills!

The Server: Expert Server

The Time: 1500Z

The Aircraft: British Airways A380-800

The Story: British Airways Flight 85 is doing a routine flight from KLAX to KJFK, with a later flight to EGLL, but there’s a twist: to avoid all of the traffic around major airports (KLAS, KDEN, KORD, KDTW, etc.), we fly north into Canada to avoid them, not interacting with any messy airspaces. Alongside this, this only adds about half an hour of flight time; not too bad considering what we could have faced on the normal route east. It’s much more fun anyways!

Welcome to the World-Famous Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, where everybody goes to party, including @Joseph_Spinner and @Ecoops123! (@Joseph_Spinner’s Air France B772 left the server a few minutes before this picture was shot. @Ecoops123 is in the closest Air France A380 to me, arriving from Paris.)

We are on our way to New York City!

I used to be horrified by this scene…was I going to slam into the mountains or not…until I fixed my climb structure not too long ago.

Welcome to the Western Rocky Mountains, where everything is either covered in dust or snow. There’s no in-between.

Wave goodbye to America. We will now spend about two hours in Ontario before returning to the US.

We see America in the far vicinity. It’s just a jump across Lake Erie away.

Welcome to America, or more specifically, Welcome to New York!

We have landed in New York City! Thank you, @RoyalJordanian, for your flawless Approach service. All we have now is a long taxi to Terminal 7.

They say ‘It’s a Small World’ but is it really? With so many great community members and amazing experiences here on IF, I can say otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures! It was a pleasure to make them!

That’s such an incredible landscape! Thanks for sharing!


: Proceeds to fly a British Airways A380 from Los Angeles to New York over Canada

In all seriousness, good photos :)


Looks absolutely stunning, I’m still fairly new (grade 2) and working myself up to the expert server. Embarked on my first trans atlantic flight as we speak from KJFK to EGLL. Might have to keep this one in mind as the landscape is a lot better then the endless sea haha.

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There are so many routes you can take for this specific flight, from down into Texas to up into Ontario, the possibilities are endless!

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Nice photos. I’ve flown on a BA A380 before, wasn’t bad. Anyways looks like a good flight with nice scenery!

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It’s a pleasure to give you the service, amazing job, and professional flying all around.

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Thanks for the shpot! Mixture of ‘spot’ and ‘shot’

It was a nice big group flight, a bunch of us thought we’d give it a go.

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