The Best Short-Haul Flight

MYGF (Freeport, Bahamas) to KMIA (Miami, Florida)
Flight Time: 50 minutes
This is my opinion but the view is very pretty!

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There’s more than one issue with the math.

But let’s just start with 2.32 does not equal 2 hours 32 minutes. Hours aren’t 100 minutes long.

We will start with that. There’s plenty more in the way of unfounded presumptions, transposition, and the like.


Very nice tutorial to help get a rough guess of how much fuel to use. Of course, this does not take into account wind, trim, etc.

We already have handsomely done tutorials for this!

FYI: If the flight time says something like 2.4hrs, each .1 = 6 minutes. So this would be 2 hrs 24 mins.

6 minutes x 10 intervals = 1 hr/60 mins

  • .2 = 12 mins
  • .3 = 18 mins
  • etc.