The best server

Training server for me,I only fly on Expert for ATC or FNF Any other time it’s Training.

Expert Server is the best! Casual is just a mess and Training is not taken seriously. Expert Server has realism, people who follow directions, and just nice people.
I would definitely recommend Expert

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If you do fly on Casual or Training, Never Go to EGLL or KLAX, they’re nightmares.

In my opininon training as you get alot of ATC coverage

But usually the atc isn’t good

I feel u but a large percentage of atc on TS1 is jus trolls sadly :(

Expert ftw

Love the expert server. Since it feels more realistic especially with these Approaches haha

I used to fly on the training server mostly but I got too angry with other players and incompetent ATC that would ruin a 12 hour flight.

Now I pretty much only fly expert as most people follow the rules and the ATC is outstanding.

Don’t care where they are I will choose those airports to fly to or from just for the level of realism.

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Training server and casual pilots basically act the same (TS pilots triggered). If you don’t want to be flown through or taxiied through, ruining your flight, fly on expert. Casual can be useful if you just want to have fun, but there is no point of flying on the TS unless you’re that afraid of being ghosted.

It’s gotta be the Casual Server, why, because if you have forgotten to have your morning coffee it will wake you up with all the laughter and fails on it. Best.Server.Ever

All jokes aside I love the casual and expert server for the sheer laughter and professionalism.

Casual Server: casual play
Training Server: training
Expert server: Realism

Pick what suits you best. Expert server suits me best because of the amount of realism it can provide.

KLAX and EGLL on training server 😂

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This is so true.

Mmh… I feel that lately there is more trolling at the training server than actually learning. But that depends on person, I guess :p

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