the best runways in the world

PrivateFly, a booking platform for private jets, has compiled the classiffic of the slopes where a landing for pilots is breathtaking. Foremost Malta Airport, stealing the position to that of Queenstown in New Zealand, at the top of the list in 2015. The new addition this year is the port of Los Angeles, which offers a splendid view of Beverly Hills and the majestic Hollywood sign on Mount. It is advisable to sit near the window to enjoy the view even in the airports of Barra, Scotland, where you arrive directly on a beach, or in the famous St. Maarten, in the Caribbean, where a landing is a real experience also for those on the ground: the track is on the coast and the plane seems to overwhelm the swimmers. In the gallery the most impressive views seen from the cockpit
(sorry is in italian)

It’s so epic, there is even a tour guide there who tells of arriving and soon to be departing aircraft!

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Or you could use flightaware or flight radar 24.

Wouldn’t it be best approaches? Best runways doesn’t make much sense since 99% of the runways at in the world are made with the same materials

I would say San Diego

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