The Best Region In IF

Whats the best region? I’m thinking of getting a new region, so far I think i’m gonna get Denver.

Amsterdam Netherlands

The best landscapes are in Seattle and Denver.

@DS2001 The Amsterdam region is free.

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Hawaii is a nice region. Great scenery and also as its has islands you feel you you are flying somewhere rather than round in circles!


London- Simple but nice APs
New York- Good if you like big airports
Denver- Mountains, some great approaches. A must if you like GA.
Caribbean- Island Hopping, Not too many APs but nice scenery.
Hawaii- Denver+Caribbean. Biggest region by land area.
Seattle- Some nice APs, quite big. Lots for 172/208/SR22s.

I would recommend Hawaii.


I forgot some, but those are my Favs.

I have over 300 hours on Seattle alone and still finding things to do and see.

Honolulu, Caribbean, Seattle

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Get Denver. For the simple fact there’s gonna be an awesome event there tomorrow. ;)