The best of the worse 2023 year in review

My 2023 year in review is exemplified not by my best but some of the most dark and backlight pictures of poor lighting.

My best are being withheld for @AndrewWu photo competition and thus can not be included. My spotting trips were usually planned for practicing and learning the Nikon D3500 camera of which is an all new experience for me. As a result, what I thought would be an exceptional and very nice picture ended up being very dark and grainy.I thought the lighting was good, turned out the opposite but it took me while to understand it’s not always as simple as what the lighting did portray.

This is was my first outing from 8/22…

Better lighting here…

Kinda cool…

Where’s the sun? 🤷

Golden hour test shot…
DSC_2978 (1)

Nope… not like that!

Learning how shutter speeds work.

😎😃 Yay!


This last one is a cell shot. Thought it looked interesting and wanted to share.

Looking forward to 2024 and how I can learn and exceed my expectations going forward! Thanks to everyone who has helped and given advice and looking.


Nice shot!

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great shots!

I think I’m gonna have to post a 2023 year review later now that so many people are doing it xd

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Thank you, I was trying to get the whole fuselage of the American retro livery but unfortunately it didn’t work out with the angle and landing position of the United.

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You should… Your’s are just as good as mine!

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