The Best of The Best — My 10 Best Photos from 2020


It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it!? A virus, lockdowns, etc. etc. etc. I don’t wanna list them all because I don’t have the time or the amount of characters to do so. But because of all this new free time, I’ve been able to do lots of flights and take lots of photos, and grind War Thunder. Anyway, these are my ten favorites from this year, ranging from my submissions for the IFC Screenshot League, to my first ever photos when I started using Adobe Lightroom, and so many in between. Without further ado, here we go!

I have organized these in rankings from 10th to 1st place. With 1st being my all-time favorite of the year.

10th Place — This one was from an old formation flight for the Tokyo Air-Olympics with @anon9524891 (DC-49ers for the win)! Even though the event was from way back in May, this photo is only from a few months ago, but it never made it into a topic until about a month ago. I can’t believe I was able to get the moon, the mountains, and both planes all in the same photo and have it still look good.

9th Place — This was taken for one of the last rounds of the IFC Screenshot League, and I’d say this one was pretty good. In order to get the all-black background with the moon and plane still showing, I had to run this through Lightroom twice, and it took a trip to my trusty Pixlr too. All the work paid off though! And I assume that was good for everyone except @GameBoy_KIRB. 😂

8th Place — The good ol’ moonshot, one of the IFC’s favorites. Mastered with one of my favorite fighters. This was originally taken for the IFC Screenshot League, but I couldn’t use it due to the fact that it was cancelled. Though this photo made an appearance in My Not So Mediocre Return to Virtual Photography.

7th Place — This one is an oldie, but a goodie. This was part of my Time for a Change topic when I first started using Lightroom. And for one of my first edits with the software, I’d say it came out great! This was part of a group flight with the cat known as @Tsumia (I’ll give you a cookie if you remember it 😛).

6th Place — This has got to be one of my unique photos to date. This bad boy barely beat @Altaria55 in, you guessed it, the IFC Screenshot League. I’ll never tell you how I was able to make the plane so shiny, other than the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be shiny or foggy.

5th Place — This one is a relatively recent photo, it made its appearance only a week or two ago in this topic. If you didn’t already know, I actually took this flight over Wyoming to try and find a solar eclipse from like 2017 or something. When it didn’t happen, I didn’t give up, and I took some photos anyway. And they turned out great in my opinion. This was also the topic with the worst description I’ve ever wrote.

4th Place — Another formation photo, this one was part of a flight with @Raze (A.K.A. the guy who gave us the first look at the reworked A330). This photo made its appearance in the IFC Screenshot League, where it won by a huge margin (sorry whoever I was against 🙃).

3rd Place — Why is Everything Chrome? Well I’ll tell you why. It’s because that’s what the title of the topic where I posted this photo was, and it was a reference to a show I bet @GameBoy_KIRB knows. This was actually the first time I’ve used apple’s default photo editor since I moved over to Lightroom, so a little fun fact there.

2nd Place — Brought to you from my most recent topic (before this one), we have the un-watermarked version of this Frontier CRJ-700. This photo made its appearance in That Denver Approach a little over a week ago, and I know it’s really recent, but it’s still one of my favorites of the year because it’s a combination of all the skills I’ve learned over the year and a half I’ve been taking IF photos.

1st Place — The big kahuna, the #1, the G.O.A.T, we’ve made it, my best photo of 2020. Here, me and @Raze took our formation skills up north to the Canadian Rockies. This photo was going to be used in the IFC Screenshot League, but instead it made its way into my topic about my return to virtual photography. From the colors, to the angle, and the lighting, to everything else, this photo is just the best all around. It still remains my favorite to this day, and I have a feeling it will be for a long time.

And there you have it! These are my best from the entire year! I couldn’t have done it alone, cause if I did, my photos would still be sub-par and mediocre. I’d like to thank @Thunderbolt for hosting the IFC Screenshot League, it was a blast and it was great to be part of (and it helped me get back into virtual photography). I’d like to thank every one of you regular posters in the #screenshots-and-videos category for pushing me to be better, especially @Kamryn and @Suhas for giving me advice on lots of my photos too. And thank you for stopping by and reading this topic, it really means a lot.

Have an awesome day IFC! Happy new year (almost)!


Beautiful pictures! I love the editing touches with the blurred background. 👍

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Very nice!

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Thank you so much @Kuba_Jaroszczyk, means a lot!

Thanks a lot @Aviation2929!


I do, now give me my cookie.

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Here you go. 🍪

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These are simply amazing! Speechless! 😍

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These definitely top my best of 2020 shots! Incredible photos dude!

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Haha, whatever you say. Thank You!

Why thank you Felix!

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These are really well edited! Great job.

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Damn!! Awesome photos.

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DUDE! That first one! Fantastic editing!

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Photo Credit

Seriously though, thank you so much!

It’s one of the oldest photos here and one of my first I edited with Lightroom 😂. Thank you!


I had no idea we won, or if I did, I forgot about it. I’m still always down to fly more formations with you, and get some siiiiiiiick😷 shots!

My, my, my, those are some great pictures. I love the American 777. The first picture is something very unique to me.

-Remarks from The Flying Trekkie

I feel honored to make the list twice, and end up as part of your #1 favorite! It truly was an insane flight, especially when there were 80kt crosswinds buffeting my poor Hog around 🐗. PM me sometime and let’s do it again! You have some great editing skills, and I’d love to help you win some more photo competitions!

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Thank you x2 @Raze! It was hard to hold that formation with all that wind 😂. I’d totally love to fly again sometime!

Thanks Mr. Spock! Means a lot!