The best of my own edits!

Don’t know how it took me so long to do this but after having seen some pleasant feedback from my Instagram followers about my Infinite Flight edits, I’ve decided to post some of my personal favorites to see what the Infinite Flight Community thinks as well!

All photos were edited using my mobile device, using free apps. These apps include: PicsArt, Snapseed, ReTouch, and a background eraser.

All photos are taken by me and edited by me, DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT CREDIT.



Tell me what you guys think, because I’d love to hear your feedback!


These are amazing but they break the #screenshots-and-videos rules.

One of the rules is

  • Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator already are not permitted.
    You can check up on the rules in the topic listed below.

However since some of your photos don’t break the rule I think if you remove the bad ones this topic can stay open. Awesome edits though!


All of them are edited in some way… so what do I do?


Basically, you just need to remove the shots that include features that aren’t in infinite flight yet.

Eg. ATC tower, snow, city lights, etc.

So the ones with backgrounds, correct? - (correction) Yep, the ones with backgrounds. Didn’t see the rest of your reply lmao

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Also the one with AirForce 1 and the jets.


Hurts to remove that one tbh, took a really long time to make.

Seems to be good now!

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I understand that. It looked really cool.

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Great photos! I really like those edits on #2 and #3!


Thank you very much!

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Amazing work

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W h a a t…