The Best of 21.3 - My Top 5 Airports

With the recent 21.3 update came 27 brand new 3D airports. A handful of these airports stood out to me as some of my favourites to fly to in IF, and I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of 3D Buildings to them. So, here are some screenshots from those airports.

Accra Kotoka International Airport #1 🇬🇭

Ghana International Airlines flight 157 loads up for a flight to London Gatwick via Düsseldorf. This route was one of two which Ghana International operated, the other was to Johannesburg (which also has 3D Buildings in IF)

Salta Martín Miguel de Güemes International #2 🇦🇷

An Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight Arrives in after a flight from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery with the Andean Mountains in the background

Socotra Airport #3 🇾🇪

This addition was probably the one which surprised me the most. The beautiful island of Socotra is located in the Arabian Sea and belongs to Yemen. The airport is served by Yemenia, Air Arabia and Felix Airways with flights to Abu Dhabi, Seiyun, Dubai, Amman, Cairo and Mukalla. I was very happy to see this airport and I hope people discover the beauty Yemen has to offer with this!

Gibraltar International Airport #4 🇬🇮

The famous Gibraltar. The small airport with a runway which is intersected by a road now has 3D buildings. And not only that but also fixed procedures due to the recent NAVBLUE update. I was very happy to see this and will definitely be flying here very often again in the stunning new easyJet A320 livery.

Addis Ababa Bole International #5 🇪🇹

Not only is Addis Ababa a hub to Ethiopian Airlines basically giving it links to everywhere in Africa, but also it is a spectacular airport located nearly 8,000ft above sea level. This makes it interesting and sometimes challenging to depart from and arrive at, especially when in a heavy aircraft. Addis Ababa is a perfect starting point for anyone wishing to explore Africa more since, as I mentioned, it has a massive network thanks to Ethiopian Airlines. I was delighted to see this getting 3D buildings and will definitely be doing some more routes from here in the coming weeks.

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Wow! Beautiful picture as always, almost thought the Salta one was irl

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Thanks William, I have to say Salta does look very good with its new 3D buildings

i like the first one

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Thanks! Ghana International definitely have an underrated livery.

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I Hope they will include Amsterdam Schiphol in the next update

Amazing pictures! Thanks for the interesting insights on some of the new airports, which is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the kind words 😊

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Nice shots, I personally enjoy that they added Ushuaia and Salta, 2 very underrated airports

Me too. Ushuaia is truly a gem, Salta too. I’m looking forward to doing some flights from them both now with the 3D buildings

well thank you 🤣

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Dang, great shots! Ushuaia is definitely one of the the most beautiful airports in the world, the approach is amazing!

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Great shots!

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Thanks everyone

I agree! Adis Ababa is one of my favourite airports!

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First off, all awesome photos! These showcase the true beauty of Infinite Flight and all it has to offer!!

Most agreed. Now I’m all for diversity of airports, but at a certain point, you have to ask the question:

Do we prioritize small airports like Socotra (an airport, I bet, over 90% of the IFC didn’t even know existed) or more popular airports like Amsterdam Schipol, Chicago O’Hare or Singapore Changi?

I happen to fall in the latter category. Socotra is nice and all, but I’d so much rather see EHAM, KORD, or WSSS than a tiny airport in the middle of an island.

Just my two cents though! Not trying to rip to hard on the devs, they of course do a fantastic job as always! 😄


I can understand why you would think that but imo, I think it’s fairly obvious to us all that airports like O’Hare, Schiphol and Singapore Changi will all come sooner rather than later, so I’m quite happy to see a smaller and less generic airport like Socotra being added. If like you say, 90% of people haven’t flown there before, then now hopefully this will provide a motive for them to. I’m personally glad that there’s a mix between big generic airports and the smaller, less well known ones


I know that all of these big airports such as KORD, as you said, will come eventually. So I am happy that they added these smaller airports, since we can explore lots of diverse areas of the world. I feel like the devs are giving us a taste of what these lesser known areas of the world will feel like with 3D buildings. I find it nice that there is a balance, with big airports added such as KCLT, and smaller airports like Socotra.

Very nice photos, the Salta photo looks amazing!

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Exactly, I think the devs have done that pretty well so far!

Thank you!


Interesting that TNCM St Maartin seems to be very popular with ATC/pilots despite not being a major hub like Schipol. At the time of writing, more inbound planned than Heathrow.