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Best of 2019

Hello everyone! Here are my top 5 spotting photos of 2019. I enjoy strong edits, and I hope you like them too! Not all of them are strong, but the majority of them are.

without further wait, here they are! :)

1 - KLM A330-300

2 - British Airways 787-9

3 - Australian Air Force C-17

4 - Westjet 787-9

5 - Private Gulfstream

Which was your favourite?

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hmmmMMMMM That looks like it says Australia to me… 🤔🤔


All of them look great 😍. Beauty to my eyes!

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Can’t decide between Westjet and BA… really stunning pictures!

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These are just stunning, I cannot say how much I like #1, I had to save it to my device it was so good (And the west jet one). I’m at a loss of words, so all I can say is, Awesome job!

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Oh my! It’s been a long week 😂


at least now it’s school break.


@ThomasThePro @TaipeiGuru thank you for the kind words! :)

@Butter_Boi glad you like them that much! Just please don’t share them as your own :)


I can’t choose between 1 and 5… Great photos! I enjoy ‘strong’ edits when they’re done well and in the right context. And you did them well and in the right context, bravo!


I really love the 1st one! It’s cool now you can see the reflection of the clouds on it, which pairs nicely with KLM’s color scheme

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Thank you! :)

Picture 1 is bae 😍

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I try my best to make my own style :)

Private Jet! Private jet! Private jet! Beautiful

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1 word!


Keep up the good work xD

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Incredible photos!

That Gulfstream picture is insanely good, I really like it! The shine on on the grey livery is gives the picture a nice touch.

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These are amazing! The reflections on the first one are just yummy 😋😃

Just kidding, keep it up. Looking forward to more! 👌

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Thank you all for the kind words! <3

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Number one is the best one in my opinion, looks really nice I love the KLM A330!

Those are stubbing!!