The Best Livery? I Think So!

The Best Livery? I Think So!

Greetings IFC! Today, I flew in a country I’ve never flown on, as well as a livery that I have never flown on. After this flight, this livery has sealed itself as my favorite in the flight simulator. Not to mention it is also one of the least flown liveries as well. (Never seen anyone else fly with it). This livery gave me a good chuckle!

I used Lightroom for editing these photos.

Boring stuff you don’t need to know

Airplane and Livery: Kulula 737-8
Server: Expert
Route: FAOR (Johannesburg) to FALE (Durban)
Flight Time: 1:13
Notes: First Grade 4 Flight!

  1. Love the uniqueness of this livery!

  2. This Pilot is living in Downtown Coolsville.

  3. The dry, South African landscape.

  4. Descending Already? Great scenery!

  5. @Kamryn, do you approve?

  6. A moonshot because why not.

why are they alighted right?

Quiz Time!

The answer to the last quiz was the Huangpu River, which 67% of you got right! (Plane, Scenery, Perfection)

What Is The Parent Organization of Kulula?
  • South African
  • Airlink
  • Mango
  • Comair

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I hope you enjoyed this topic! This is truly a unique livery that should remind many of JetBlue’s Blueprint livery! Thanks for watching! Leave all suggestion or comments down below!

Felix Out


Amazing shots Felix! Loved angle in #2!

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Thanks a lot! (Like limit)

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I like the number 5 picture, nice shots too :)

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Can’t reply to comments for the next 20 minutes, busy.

Thanks a lot Bosco!

Ok I can respond now!

Yes, very great angle!

I’ve notice everyone likes to make that an “ItsBlitz” style shot haha 😂

It’s really a great angle!

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Awesome shots!

…and definitely a cool livery, I don’t think I’ve ever flown it!

It’s on the list now, cheers!


Best Livery


Agreed! You should really fly on it haha!

the big cheese


I love this livery and I had no idea it was on IF. Ima fly it soon now. Also great shots!

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Thanks a lot! Like limit.

It sure is!

Awesome shots and neat livery!


Thanks a lot! Great pfp!


Very interesting livery 😂

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That is a good one but I think it’s tied w the cyan SWA 737-7 that’s one of my favorites!

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This is one of my favorites:

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