The Best Liveries of the Brand New 77W

My Favorite Liveries on the 777-300ER

So as you probably haven’t noticed, I haven’t really posted here in a while. My subscription ended back on September 5 and I haven’t really felt like renewing it, and scenic flights are pretty limited when it comes to the free region. My last post was Queenstown to Noumea on August 26, which was roughly 64,800 Minutes ago, or a little more than an hour. I was super jealous of watching everyone fly the 77W on beta (especially after seeing @Suhas do whatever he did with those amazing photos he posted.) but then, yesterday @Ishrion said that he downloaded Beta and could fly the 77W because he bought it back before global. I happened to do the same back in 2016, so I downloaded Beta and for to fly the 77W.

This is a collection of my 10 favorite liveries on the brand new, and improved Boeing 777-300ER, all photos taken in solo

Flight Details

-All in Solo
-Boeing 777-300ER (and a 757-200)
-Different airports, but all in the free regions
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#10. Garuda & Singapore
Garuda & Singapore are at tie for number 10. I think Singapore has as really clean livery, and the Blue & Gold stripe is super cool to me, Garuda has a pretty average livery, but the Teal Blue is just so amazing I have to include it. Here are the 2 as the fly a parallel approach into the 28s at San Francisco

#9. Air France
Im a big fan of the Air France livery, I think it is a little bland, but something about the Red and Blue I really like, I think the SkyTeam livery is better, but the normal livery is still amazing nonetheless

#8. United (Evo Blue)
I have mixed opinions on the new United livery, I really like the new blue and the stripe along the bottom of the fuselage, but I think United could’ve done a better job choosing a font for the “United”. It seems like the type of font that my English teacher would tell me to use for an essay

The United 77W sits at its gate in Denver as a 757 departs for… Guess where 😏

#7. British Airways
BA has a really clean livery in my opinion, there really isn’t much to say about it, besides that it’s really good on any aircraft. Especially in front of Mt Rainier on final into Seattle

#6. Air New Zealand (White)
Just like the last one, Air New Zealand has a really clean, and simple livery. I think the classic Black and White works super well together. The New Zealand Fern on the back half of the aircraft is also a great touch. Air New Zealand 103 lifts off for Auckland from Sydney, as Air New Zealand 104, in the all black pulls into the gate after arriving from Auckland.

#5. Etihad (New)
Etihad has the opposite of a clean livery. I’m actually not too sure why I like to so much, I think it’s just the vibrant brown and yellow blocks on the back half of the aircraft are really cool. The 77W banks out of a cloudy LAX over the California coast.

#4. Kuwait
Kuwait has always been a livery that I’ve been waiting for, and since we’ve known for a little while now that we were gonna get it on the 77W, I guess you could say that I’ve been Kuwaiting for it hehe. There isn’t much to this livery, but the vibrant bright blue works super well. My only complaint is that it looks like Kuwait used a knockoff version of Times New Roman font for the Kuwait text on the fuselage.

The Kuwait 777-300ER climbs out of Amsterdam as a Saudi 777 lines up for Jeddah.

#3. KLM (Orange Pride)
The KLM Orange Pride has to be on everyone’s shortlist of best 777 liveries, I don’t think there is anything bad about it, it’s just all good. It looks even better blasting out of Miami in front a full moon

#2. Air Canada (New)
Everyone loves the new Air Canada livery. The Black and Red works amazing together. There really isn’t much else to say about it besides that it’s just a really, really good livery. Here it is just after departure from the blue skies of London.

#1. EgyptAir
My favorite livery on the 77W is the EgyptAir 777. This was one of my first votes when I joined the IFC, the livery is just awesome. If you haven’t been able to tell from the other liveries, I really like blue, and Sky blue especially which is exactly what is on the EgyptAir 777. I really like the font on the fuselage and the logo on the front of the plane is a great touch. Nothing bad about the Egyptian livery. And it looks even better banking into O’Hare in Golden hour

Let me know if you have any criticism on the photos, and which is your favorite livery on the 77W?

What airline was the launch customer of the 777-300ER?

  • Air France
  • Cathay Pacific
  • American

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Yay! Noah’s back with his #screenshots-and-videos topics!

Amazing photos bro!



Some great photos there! The colors on the 777 look fantastic

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@MJP_27 thanks Mason! And congrats on being first… I guess 😂

@Rock77 thanks! I love the new 77W


I am very glad you are back with another topic of stunning pictures! Missed these unique perspectives.

BA and Egyptair are looking especially great, but that moonshot is really well done :) Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian!

This means a lot, and the EgyptAir livery is just so amazing (obviously because it’s my number 1 lol)

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Amazing! I always love your photos 😍

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What about Air India!! 🤩🤩

Ever since I got beta, I have only flown the AI B77W to and from the US!

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I would say Kona knowing you but United does not fly Kona to Denver so…

Nice pics as always!

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Damn so many people got this wrong lol

Great shots though!

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@JulietTango thank you! I’m happy you like them :)

@Aniket_Joglekar I might do a follow up to this post and if I do I’ll definitely include the Air India 77W!

@Captain_Finck well they do fly Denver to Kona 😏 (I guess not during COVID tho) and thanks!

@Cameron_Stone I was surprised at how many people were wrong with that, but I didn’t know it either until I looked it up lol


I guess I have been transported to an alternate dimension where time has changed lol (jk).

Great pics especially for having limited areas on solo.

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A beautiful and wonderful topic, because I am Kuwaiti, I was waiting impatiently for the addition of Kuwaiti livery , and this is what happened finally. I expect to always fly on this blue bird .

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Looks great for you, I love new 77

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@StormyAviation that time had changed way more by now too lol

And thanks! It was definitely a pain to get multiple aircraft in one photo

@iidvdii it’s an amazing livery! I’m happy it got added too

@Reter thanks!

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either LAX or ORD

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how about the klm logo on the right side?

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Where did they get the name “orange pride”


I’ve only used the Air India B77W, United B77W, Emirates B77W, Delta B77L, China Southern Cargo B77F. Im in love with all the liveries on the B77L/F/W

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this can’t be true or completed, as there is the Swiss one clearly missind 😂🇨🇭

Jokes aside, great Pics and for sure stunning Liveries

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