The best landing you ever experienced. (especially the ones that landed softly in extreme weather)

The best landing I experienced so far was today (2018/12/7) on a flight from Taipei to Macau.

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My bestest landing is when i touched down for the first time at Singapore with A320 in 2016 , yea that’s my first time flown in a Airbus

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Any A380 when sitting in a middle seat upstairs - never even know you’re down until you hear the engines reverse-thrusting.


KLIT-KDFW on an E140. Absolute grease on 17L

Mine was when I was landing at Manchester, Monarch A321. The landing was mad! I had never experienced such a good landing! I would say it was around -20fpm!

BA 787-8 into EWR… complete butter

All of JetBlue’s A320 landings were all butter and you would feel nothing until you heard the engines reverse-thrusting. That is why JetBlue is my favorite airline.

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I don’t remember many good landings… most of them were pretty hard.

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