The best flight I have ever done!

I have flown some very cool flights, but one I did last weekend topped all of them. When looking around on FR24 I noticed the following flight: Transavia France 1094 from Paris Orly to Cap Skirring. This is not a flight that features 3D buildings, but rather the most amazing scenery. Cap Spring is located in Senegal, South of Dakar and is one of Transavia’s longest nonstop flights. The flight time was 5:45hrs from gate to gate.

This is what I love about IF; being able to fly from any place to everywhere without limits.

Departing from LFPO

Revisiting an airport I have been to last summer: The runway of San Sebastián in Spain is literally Spain’s border with France

One picture, two continents

Parts of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

A pile of rocks in the Sahara

Humanity likes to build houses next to water

Senegalese West coast north of Dakar

Tropical forests around a river delta emerge on final into GOGS


Stunning Pictures!

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Amazing , Im from morroco