The best flight ever nzaa-nzwn

Hi mates, Well today I decided how I will start my day out flying after yesterday’s dessert (palova) I want to start flying to wellington from Auckland. Here is the flight details

Time: 1:48pm

Server: training

Date: 9, February, 2020

At the gate of Auckland

Taxing to the runway i see this bad boy

Taking off but with the side off the runway.

I believe I am climbing to 020fl


Approaching the runway of wellington

Landing with the friendly side of the runway.

Well thanks guys because for watching me come out of my gate but I have to catch my second flight of the day.


Yikes, maybe try working on that landing for next time.

Great photos, what a great flight!


Yeah I would agree hahahahahahab

Landing 100
Daytime 100