The best checklist app?

Nothing too special, just asking for recommendations for an IF designed checklist app that a lot of people use? Thanks. ;)

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I think this one ☝️


IF Checklists is a good one. It’s designed for IF - hence the name “IF” checklists” - and it is very good. Only downside is that there is not a checklist for the A350-900 yet as it has not been updated for a while, but there is every other aircraft. Of course, in IF, the checklists are basically the same anyway so it doesn’t matter. It is available on iOS and Android, I think.


Alright, I’ll use that then! Thanks guys! ;)

It’s also FREE!

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Ay! That’s what I like!

You could use Foreflight, but that is for more real life. I would use @Edoardo_C 's app. 👍

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Is this fr 😂

Why are you surprised?

I didn’t think there would be an app for this

There’s been quite a bit, actually, I just didn’t know which app was the best, and if there were apps I haven’t seen that were better

Oh cool, I’mma go download one of them now

I print my checklists, and then set them next to me while I fly.

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Ah good idea

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