The Best Approaches for Adrenaline Seekers

Hey Everyone, I recently made a topic where I asked about the best airports for adrenaline seekers found here. I flew there myself to see what was up. Here are the results…

KASE - Aspen Airport

Suggested by @EyesSkyward

My Approach

Approach Runway 15

CRJ-900 American Eagle

5kt Tailwind

-45 v/s

Airport Difficulty

I’ve personally had a lot of experience flying into Aspen both on IF and real-life and I feel it is almost over-stated how difficult it is. It is harder than most airports for a number of reasons, but nothing that should worry the average pilot.

Difficulty Rating: 4/10

VNLK - Lukla Airport

Suggested by @Altaria55

My Approach

Approach Runway 06

Cessna 208 Fly540

5kt Tailwind

-234 v/s

Airport Difficulty

I haven’t really flown Lukla that often and was challenged by the terrain. I was flying solo so I would’ve spawned on short final, but I wasn’t allowed to due to conflicting mountain placement. I took off from runway 24 at Lukla uneventfully but had issues turning around. I had far too much speed on final on many occasions but I was able to persevere and land safely on runway 06.

Difficulty Rating: 8/10

TFFJ - St. Barthelemy

Suggested by @Captain_Merka

My Approach

Approach Runway 10

TBM-930 IF Light

5kt Tailwind

-122 v/s

Airport Difficulty

This airport is very difficult in the first place with the short runway, but If you land on runway 10 which the winds often permit, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Airport Difficulty: 6.5/10

KMMH - Mammoth Airport

Suggested by @jet_centric

My Takeoff

Takeoff Runway 27

CRJ-700 Delta Connection

5kt Tailwind

N/A v/s

Airport Difficulty

This is the only airport where I was suggested to take off, specifically runway 27. I didn’t find this airport any more difficult than any other.

Airport Difficulty: 2/10

PAKT - Ketchikan Airport

Suggested by @anon38496261 / @Butter_Boi

My Approach

Landing Runway 29

737-700 United Airlines

5kt Headwind

-75 v/s

Airport Difficulty

I didn’t see much of a challenge here, especially with the fact that a certain runway or approach wasn’t mentioned. It was a very fun approach.

Airport Difficulty: 3/10

VQPR - Paro Airport

Suggested by @Logan_Lee

My Approach

Approach Runway 33

737-700 Fiji Airways

5kt Headwind

-235 v/s

Airport Difficulty

This was probably one of the most fun approaches I’ve had in a long time. There was a lot of weaving through tight spaces but there was difficulty but a smaller amount, very fun.

Airport Difficulty: 5/10

LOWI - Innsbruck Airport

Suggested by @KennedyTurner

My Approach

Approach Runway 08

A320-200 EasyJet

5kt Crosswind

-132 v/s

Airport Difficulty

The main difficulty I faced was trying to figure out the runway I was meant to land on. I went back and watched a full, 45-minute episode of EasyJet: Inside the Cockpit to figure out which is the more challenging runway. This airport ended up being moderately easy.

Airport Difficulty: 4/10

LYTV - Tivat Airport

Suggested by @NeperQiell

My Approach

Landing Runway 32

737-800 Ryanair

5kt Headwind

-284 v/s

Airport Difficulty

Pretty easy airport once you get past the hills and mountains further out.

Airport Difficulty: 3.5/10

MHTG - Toncontín Airport

Suggested by @Vidal99977

My Approach

Approach Runway 02

757-200 American Airlines

5kt Crosswind

-173 v/s

Airport Difficulty

Pretty basic airport in IF. At least the non-existent residents get a nice view. The main thing my approach taught me is the the [757 needs a rework.(Boeing 757 Rework)

Airport Difficulty: 3/10

SEQM - Mariscal Sucre Airport

Suggested by @Suhas

My Approach

Approach Runway 36

E195 Azul

5kt Headwind

-283 v/s

Airport Difficulty

Located in the capital of Bolivia, Sucre Airport sure is a fun airport, just not that challenging.

PSA: The reason my v/s was so high was because of my inability to fly the E190

Airport Difficulty: 4.5/10

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Which of these airports is the most challenging? Vote Below!

  • KASE
  • VNLK
  • TFFJ
  • KMMH
  • PAKT
  • VQPR
  • LOWI
  • LYTV
  • SEQM
  • MHTG

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this took me from 8am to 3pm. please like it.


Question about LOWI. Do you start the Runway 08 approach from the East or West?

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Well, oops. I wasn’t exactly saying it was the most difficult 😂
Nice list though!

I recommended Lukla as well.


I started from the west (EGLL) and went straight in. It was one of the only landings that involved a full flight.

Oh, that’s why. When I suggested that airport, I meant a Runway 08 approach from the East.

Oh, my bad. I’ll do that approach and update it on there. It’ll be done in 30 minutes or so.

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It’s cool. Just so you know, the approach you just did is one of the starter missions on Xplane mobile

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Also, before you start, I would recommend that you watch a YouTube video on the approach first.

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This is high heresy, where’s Kai Tak?

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Not sure, I was just trying out what people said on this thread.

Dude, the list is not complete without NZQN(Queenstown, NZ). Basically the NZ version of LOWI.

I’d vote Paro with LOWI’s rwy 08 circle approach coming a close second.

Ps: SEQM is Quito, the capital of Ecuador

I honestly don’t see how Lukla can be harder then Paro. The approach into Lukla is fairly simple, just the actual length is the tricky part unlike Paro’s heart stopping round-the-hill approach!

I vote Paro.



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May I recommend LPMA (RWY05 bis the visual), where a special Training is required before being allowed to land there!

The approach itself is straightforward, it’s actually establishing visual contact with the airport and landing that’s hard.

Hey! Awesome post, nice to see you took my suggestion! Sorry it wasn’t that hard lol- I find departure a little more challenging actually. It’s fun to see all the mountains and you have to do a relatively steep climb. You should try that if you can :)
Recommended aircraft: LAN/LATAM a319

Did you redo the Innsbruck Approach

Are you doing the correct approach into Toncontin? I would say it’s a lot harder than Tivat as you end up on such a short final when you finish the turn,

Some of these rating seem a bit underestimated.

Quite a lot of airports there