The BEST approach ever!


What is the problem here?

I don’t see any problem:)

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If you fly to Samedan, feel free to post your screenshots here so we can all see more pictures of this treasure.

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For any of those who want to view my attempt at following charts VFR.

I definitely prefer IFR and full AP 😂

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That’s me in that blue CCX! How was my landing @Ecoops123?

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Quite good and great centre line (my my pov in game), my flight is free to watch for everyone, but I had 8knts crosswind, and trying to deal with that was a pain. I went way off the centre line and tried to recorrect myself. I still got a smooth touchdown though.

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You’re right, looks like beautiful scenery, I should try it out some time.

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Wonderful friend looks luxury as I like airports, very interesting your work continues to publish such nice greetings from Colombia


Love the scenery here! I rly want to fly to Samedan more often.

Btw @Swiss goes here often irl

Beautiful landing. The A318 seems a bit large but great approach anyway. I tried out the Interlaken approach and it was very scenic. Great flying near Switzerland. Keep it up!

Now that’s a cool approach, gotta try that, and thanks for sharing. Looks great!

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I think you mean A139, the helicopter as FR24 shows no logs of any aircraft larger than a private jet landing there.

Anyways, looks like a nice approach. I’ll try to fly there soon

Wow that looks like an absolutely amazing approach that will be my next flight after PDX-SJC

I remember seeing an A319 there on Sunday. It was going to Kiev Zhuliany.

I’ve seen that airport before while flying at LOWZ. Looks really fun!

I made another topic featuring this approach IRL

On thursday Samedan will be featured in the ATC schedule. That being said, I highly encourage everyone to fly there with a buisness jet. It’s worth it!

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Or you could join my fly-out event in Samedan (St. Moritz) on Sunday 16th with air traffic control (expert server). Currently we have one gate left. Please find all the details in the attachment. Hope to welcome you there! (@Philippe_Gilbert is joining as well)

I really recommend opening Samedan TGA tomorrow. It will encourage more people to fly to this wonderful little airport!

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