The BEST approach ever!

Recently, I have seen a lot of people who are asking for some very scenic places to land at, and I have one: LSZS Samedan, Switzerland. I highly recommend the approach on runway as you fly over the St Moritz village an you also fly above a lake. Most planes land on this runway IRL.
Here are some photos from the approach:

Innsbruck, Austria

This is the valley in which the airport (LSZS) is situated in.

Entering the Engandin valley (that’s the name of the valley in which Samedan is located).

There is no ILS at Samedan, so you have to land visually which means you use your eyes 👀 to land.

Smooth touchdown on runway 03.

Parked at the airport after doing a breathtaking approach!


Looks like a beautiful approach! I’m not sure if the airport you landed at takes the A318, but it looks interesting!

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I saw an A319 there on FR24 yesterday.


Looks good👍

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Do you want to fly to Samedan?

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I may try this 🤔 I really should fly more GA now that I’m in flight training and only do pattern work in-game.


I can help you land there for the first time if you want.

I’m fine I’ll follow the charts :)

It’s definitely eye catching though…

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Sure is, I never get tired of landing there.

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It was fun

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Credit: @mg_aviationphotography on Instagram


While this may sound weird, I kinda feel like crying every time I do this approach. It’s just so beautiful and it feels so good to land there.

Looks really pretty - might try this out at some point!

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Highly recommend it. PM me if you need tips on how to land there.

you have me intrigued @Philippe_Gilbert

I’ll be shooting the 03 visual tomorrow;)


Why did you reply to me?


What is the problem here?

I don’t see any problem:)

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If you fly to Samedan, feel free to post your screenshots here so we can all see more pictures of this treasure.

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