The Best and Worst Airports in the UK

The Worst

According to a survey conducted by UK consumer news company “Which?”, London Luton airport (LTN) is the worst airport in the United Kingdom. This is the third year in a row that the airport has received the title of worst airport in the UK. The disastrous customer service, queues at passport control and poor facilities placed Luton airport as the worst overall airport in the Which? survey with a dismal customer satisfaction score (35%). The airport pales in comparison to London Southend airport’s 84% customer satisfaction rating

Nick Barton, the airport’s CEO, responded, pointing out that the airport has been working to improve passengers’ experiences. The airport recently opened 30 new shops and restaurants and added nearly 1,000 new seats throughout the terminal and doubled the size of the security checkpoint.

The Best

Leading the way as the best airport in the UK, for the second year, is Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport with an outstanding customer score (87%). Passengers praised the airport’s short queues, facilities and speedy baggage reclaim process. However, these qualities are fairly common at smaller airports.


The editor of the story concluded that in the UK, traveling through smaller airports is the way to go. It means higher quality airports and less lines for things like check-in and security.

The article also discusses the customer reviews of London Heathrow Airport (LHR), which received a customer satisfaction rating of 63%. Check out the full article to hear more about LHR.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about these ratings? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Tell me what you think!

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Best: EGLL
Worst: Papa Westray (EGEP 😎)

EGEP is the answer :)

Spoken like a true Training Server Pilot 😜

Papa westray is a good for a view and to catch a flying brick also know as the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

I think stansetd is the worst, it needs another terminal, quest are too big because the existing terminal is too small

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I commented to someone else that I snorted with derision at Exeter making it on to the Top 5 list. I’m guessing they judge things by very different criteria to me. Having to walk down a glorified office corridor from the ramp to the domestic arrivals hall, members of the public just able to access the baggage belts if they want, and then worst of the worst, a completely windowless main departure lounge.

As an aviation fan I am always enamoured by Heathrow, and have found T2 and T5 to both be very smooth experiences on all my recent journeys through them.

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Proud of my home airport, EGNT, Which made it to third place! It’s a great airport to fly into and out of, quiet at times but with many links to around the entire world!

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The best airport was for me LJLA (Liverpool - it’s really quite small ) and worst was London Stansted. Massive lines everything took too long

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I think in in 2020 EGCC will become the best since they will have an amazing new terminal, i fly to EGCC every year and there arent many queues, security control is pretty quick and they have sooo many shops and a great planespotting areas!

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EGFF all the way! Just got daily flights to Doha with Qatar and we’ve already got a masterplan!

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Ermmm…I’m expert server!

LBA is a mess. They have a masterplan for it’s redevelopment but in reality they need to demolish and rebuild the terminal as it’s in a really bad layout. All they’re doing instead is revamping it and adding on new areas.


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