The Benefits of a Mobile Flight Simulator

One true fact I can point out is how technology has allowed the development team to create such stunning flight simulators like this.

Like everyday, we all like to sit down on our couch and play Infinite Flight to fly from Point A to Point B. It’s amazing to do this anywhere in the world with just a single device. Infinite Flight is the easiest and yet the most comfortable way to experience Flight simulation, reflecting this through the real world perspective. I can simply recreate the exact flight path of a basic commercial flight using third party apps in detail.

The future is bright. More aircrafts reworked in the coming years and more features come along replaced by more powerful devices. Simulators like this can help resolve pilot shortages in the long run.

Thanks for creating the article Jason and t’was a great read! A great shoutout to the Developers and Staff of Infinite Flight.


Very cool Jason. Very cool indeed.


Really nice to read :) Thanks for including me!

And never knew that @Aernout was FO of an A380!


That was a nice blog yea IF is a good sim that I enjoy to play with people online can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future


I biggest influence is always the chief pilots like @MDoor @Vdennis1


What a great read! Personally Infinite flight really convinced me to go get a PPL. I appreciate seeing all the cool stories of other people’s experience.


I start flight school because of infinite flight

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Cool article! Thanks Jason!

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Such a great article! Thanks for taking the time into making this and offering the community a chance to be featured!


Infinite flight has definitely gave me the opportunity to do something that I did not pursue when I was younger. To this day I really enjoy it and look forward to fly every chance I get. Thank you all. .

I think the article and the support of everyone in the community definitely convinces a lot of people to start their path to their PPL.

I mean for me, I’m really debating on starting to work on my PPL or not but I have a strong feeling it will happen, with my devotion to IF. What do you all think?

Anyways, I enjoyed the article.


A wonderful app and a great community thanks Jason and team. 😊☘️


Head to your local flight school and do a discovery flight! Nothing to lose there. I had a friend who did that and realized he really preferred being a passenger instead. The discovery flight is a great test.


This is an amazing article. I am amazing how motivating this app really is. I found Infinite Flight to be a complete life-changer. I especially love the community and the idea of “virtual airlines”. This really gave me the opportunity to work on my leadership skills and the IFVARB really make it somewhat like a start-up kind of feeling.

Thank you!


Incredible article Jason :)


This is very nice article!! Well done Jason!!


This article turned out great Jason. I hope that others will be inspired to pursue their dreams of becoming a pilot or air traffic controller. Doesn’t matter if you’re young or aged like fine wine, this app has brought together unique groups of people.

That’s pretty neat!


@jasonrosewell , you’re not going to believe this, but the paparazzi is following me around already! Had to leave the sprinklers on so they would stop trying to climb in through the windows, just to get a 30 second interview. Sigh, the life of the famous. Woe is me!


I can definitely attest to infinite flight being a big help with PPL training - especially with ATC communications!

First solo is on March 15th, let’s see how it goes :)


I think he’s calling me old… or a drunk. Either way, YOLO