The Beginning to an incredible journey

The Beginning to an incredible journey

Flying, soaring, gliding, what every you call it is probably what brought us all together here. Wether you dreamed of becoming an Air Traffic Controller, a Pilot, cabin crew, or airline management, the idea of “aviation” is what we have all in common. The spirit is the word I’m going to use, has an incredible power that is what forms our dreams of being the one with the sky. have you ever looked at video’s of cockpit landing views and said “I wanna be that guy flying”? I’m sure I have. Not only in videos, but for me in person too. Hearing my dad make the PA announcement as a pilot on some flights brings a smile to my face, because knowing that he went through what I’m currently going through; the passion.

I’ve been intrigued by flying ever since I got my hands on a flight simulator. I remember my first being X-Plane 9 and me flying it sometime in the 2015’s, where I was amazed by the cockpits. But now, recently transitioning nearly 2 years to Infinite Flight it really makes me laugh or chuckle. The Sheer differences that the 2 simulators geared at the time was immense. They both had their strong points and their weakpoints. Anyways, I’m not hear to compare Infinite flight with X-plane. I’m here to share something a lot of us have in common; the passion for flying.

Flying isn’t a game. In fact, its a very serious thing. Its not like driving a car whereas you’re on the ground, but you’re in the sky flying that airplane, and its your job to get it back to the ground safely.

After 10’s of discussions with my pilot-relatives and dad’s pilot friends, it really made me wanna rethink my choices if I really want to become a pilot. And now I’ve been stuck through this phase for a goof year, and I’ve finally made my choice. A choice that will change my life and more importantly, change me. I have made a decision with my dad that I will become a pilot. “study study study” are the words, and I’m well prepared for that. If its something I’ve always wanted, than its worth it. I’m starting my flight training in about 2-3 years, and I’ve got some time ahead of me to mentally prepare myself for the challenges that I will be facing when the time comes. While I’m excited as hell, I’m a bit nervous at the same time.


I can at times become quite nervous, especially when it comes to my first solo. I’d like to ask the pilots of this community on how they overcame their stress and nervous levels while doing their flight trainings and solos. How did you feel? And more importantly, how did you overcome these challenges?


So flight training it’s a lot of studying and there’s going to be times where you don’t like or it will knock you on your you know what but (assuming you want to head for the airlines) you just gotta think of your passion for aviation and willing to overcome the difficult parts.

And for solos it’s completely normal to feel nervous. But If you feel nervous where you don’t think your ready tell youre instructor I’m sure they’ll understand. But if your instructor says your ready then trust them. 90% of the time they know best


Hey @BravoCharlie, good luck with your flight training! It takes a lot of dedication to follow through with the whole pilot career, but with the attention to detail that you show throughout the community, drawing, and models, tells the rest of the community that you will do great. Have a fantastic time in your flight training, and while you’re in the real sky, try not to forget about us in the Infinite Flight skies. ;)

Best regards,

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I’m not a pilot, but my dad is. Regardless things have changed and right now it’s an amazing time to become a pilot, when my dad first started at regionals he only made around 33k a year which like working at McDonalds. Now your first year you could make 50k. I wish you the best of luck, your also lucky because your dad doesn’t want to train you, and especially on an ancient Piper J-3 cub.


Few things here.

Firstly, you’re way far out from that. 2-3 years in fact, so you don’t have anything to worry about. You’ll realize once you start your lessons what you “should” worry about and what you shouldn’t.

Secondly, those nerves are common. I have them for my solo as well. Who knows, maybe I will mess up! Maybe the engine will fail. I just remind myself that I am confident in my abilities, and I am confident in the aircrafts abilities.

For your sake though, there’s not much to worry about considering the limited first-hand flying experience you have.

Once again, trust and confidence. Remember, you won’t be cleared to solo until you’re ready.

In terms of training, there isn’t much to be “nervous” about. You have an instructor there not only as a teacher but as a safety net.

In terms of the fear of the future, there’s no point in worrying while flying. SRM (Single Pilot resource management) just says fly the aircraft first. Focus on that. Keeping your plane in the air. Don’t worry about how your solo will go or how your future will turn out. Those thoughts are useless when in training until you’re actually at the solo.

Work. Just work. I heard a quote “if you don’t like the ground school, maybe you shouldn’t be a pilot.” The head of my flight school said that.

If it’s what you want to do, you’ll find a way.

Overall, you’re way ahead of yourself. 3 years ahead of yourself.

2-3 years is a large amount of time at your age and there is no point in stressing over your training.

Your best bet if you want to get ahead would be to understand the barebones of aviation. Knowing the systems of an A320 and completing a full IFR flight in X-Plane is great, but also useless for you.

Also, go into it assuming you know nothing. You’ll learn a lot more that way.


Thanks Will, that made me feel a bit more comfortable in myself!

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You will do just fine, no need to worry!
Best of luck!

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