The beginning of IFC?


How did this website get created?

Did anyone program it/code it?

I’m very interested, reason being I’m taking computer science and creative Imedia and so I’m learning all about websites creations and programming.



Discourse runs the IFC. I think Laura and Philippe requested it to be made by discourse.


What is discourse exaclty?

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The platform that the IFC is run on.

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:). Lol. I’m not thinking today

Mods can close. Muchas gracias!

Do I get to tell my story again? Yey!

puts on reading glasses and takes a huge book out of the shelf

Sit down kids.

Once upon a time in the year 2014, there used to be a flight simulator called Infinite Flight. It was a fun game that had a neat multiplayer feature. Pilots were able to fly together and even communicate with one another via Unicom frequency.

Then, at one meaningful day, the developers of the game decided to improve the way of communication by adding Air Traffic Controllers. It was on Facebook where they asked for people with VATSIM experience or something similar. I had some experience in a similar game, so I applied and the mighty developers added me to a Facebook Group. It was that moment, where I became an Infinite Flight ATC Beta Tester / Controller.

So basically this Facebook group and the IF Facebook page used to be the predecessors of the IFC together with the FDS website on which users were able to vote for features. Back then, FDS even announced way in advance what features were in review and in development. I have to add here, that the Concorde was “In Development” back then, so now you’ll see why understandably they don’t do that anymore.

Anyway, in May 2015 the IFC went live and FDS asked all the IFATC controllers and testers to switch over to the new community. That was almost 4 years ago. What a journey…

I’m not an IFATC controller or tester anymore. However, in late 2018 I discovered that I was still able to controll on Expert as my ATC privileges were never removed. I wasn’t part of IFATC anymore, had no access to Slack, … That’s when I wrote to Tyler so he could remove the access rights. But that’s a story for a different time.

That was the beginning of the IFC. Now go to bed, it’s sleeping time!