The beauty of our world...

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Our Earth

Have you ever wondered, what’s It like up there in space? The Earth, is a truly fascinating thing.
Just imagine, we live in a small world across billions and billions of star systems, full of starts and planets. Imagine you were to look at our beautiful earth from the ISSS, and see a Qatar A380 blasting through space. How would you feel?

Shot details

Shot taken in solo
No route

The Moon

Do you remember the day when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon? It was truly mind-blowing, that humanity has managed to land on Earth’s natural satellite, the moon. The moon is a beautiful piece of rock, that shines like a diamond at night. Sometimes, it may be seen at day as well.

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Shot taken at KLAX
No route

The Beauty of our moon, is truly immerse. The craters, the light reflecting from the Sun is what makes it special like no other. While it may not seem much, the sheer complexity of our moon is mind bazzling…

Shot Details

Shot taken in solo
Flight time: 1 hour

The Sun

But now the sun… Some people complain why it exists, why its so hot, etc. But in reality, without it we wouldn’t be able to live. The giant Star gives us great opportunities for pictures, and ambience. The sun, such a big star, is our primary source of light. Thanks to the sun, we are all able to stand here and play IF! :D

Shot details

Shot taken at KLAX
No route

I hope you liked this short story-like Screenshots and videos topic! I tried my best to make it entertaining for you guys. 😁

Thanks for looking, and as always, see you in the skies!


Deep inside the Infinite Flight Servers we find this big hippopotamus in outer space. Approximately 100 hippopotamuses make it to outer space with the others not making it. Every year these ugly birds flies past the Moon and Sun with approximately 1000 not making the cut

-David Attenborough 2019


Interesting, the codifided constitution of natural law always has a way to be broken in a simulator that presumably follows natural law… to the point where this can even mimic the process of elimination in an elite tryout.

However, besides that point, nice pictures! Were there any passengers on-board that Qatar A380 flying into space? If yes, then expect to prosecuted by NASA for first/second degree demonetized.

Also, in relation to your first question, I would feel so astonished that my eyes would pop away in zero gravity style and… I would want to hire that pilot for NASA so we can make floating cats as a remix for shooting stars.

Haha thanks Humars!

Thankfully, there were no passengers on board 😂

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First pic,
Wait, What, how, why? 😂
Nice shots mate

but seriously, how?

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An airport, presumably located somewhere in Brazil, is glitched so you’re able to glitch aircraft to the point where you would reach space. One person even managed to make a world record for the highest record altitude. I still have yet to see any aircraft land on the moon as according to Infinite Flight Staff, the moon is physically surfaced so you can land on it.

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Haha thanks Qantas!

Actually I somehow managed to get glitched I cant even remember how 😂

It says your 13-14 on your bio and you talk you were living in the 1960’s 😂

I know, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear about it 👀😂

That’s not remembering, that’s called listening

It is a hypothetical question.

Yes wise words from David Attenborough

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Lovely shots!

Thanks a lot mate!

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Awesome pics! Loved this new format for expressing your talent!

Great photos, and the format and words used, make this an amazing set of photos, they’re great!

Ha, Lol.
David Attenborough is cool. 😎😎😎

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What??? How tf did you get that a380 so high?

Probably a glitch that he used to his advantage

Thanks everyone!

I wasn’t born then LOL

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