The Beauty of Infinite Flight

Most of them were already posted in the old screenshot topic. But I thought I could show them here collectively. Maybe I have some more to show in a couple weeks.

Arabian Desert image

Himalaya image

Caribbean Sea image

Alaska image

Greece Islands image

Somalia image


that’s really beautiful thanks for sharing ,.

i hope the night flight view gets a rework and same amount of quality so we will be able to see city lights from high altitude

The fjords in Norway would also be a beauy, if they were there…


I’d totally love if Hargeisa Airport would get edited. (Not a request) Would fly to OMDB with FlyDubai.

Beautiful pictures you took there, I can’t stop looking at them! 😍


What phone are u using these screenshots are pretty amazing.

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Those were taken on my iPad Pro 10.5 but I edited the picture size to a 16:9 format which is the best size for Infinite Flight screenshots imo.

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These pictures are amazing.