The Beauty of Hawaii in the Next Update!

What a beauty!😍😱 Not to mention the pattern work here👏🏼 If you zoom in, you can see him flying the Dash 8 at PHTO

Quote by Matt: “Isn’t this pretty? #advancedserver #infiniteflightlive #infiniteflight


In the next update ?

I can’t see any changes in this pic

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The saturation, dull compared to Matt’s

I think it’s just because he has sunrise/sunset on. :)


So do I

All aboard the hype train! This update is gonna be great :)


It could be brightness or camera flash that makes it look like that. Something you dont get in a screenshot.


You also can change your picture on insta…

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Matt wouldn’t do that TBH

Okay I am sure this is not an update and I am almost sure he edit the picture.

And so as you can see the photo is taken by another divice it isn’t a schreenshot.

I know, but I just thought right now, that Matt may have meant the pattern work

Yes that is possible(I am sure that he means that) and it isn’t pattern work @JFKPlaneSpotter101

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Approach work then?

I just edited mine, you’re right:

I’m pretty sure it was just a difference in lighting when he took the pic… as you can tell, Matt’s pic isn’t a screenshot, so the colors aren’t accurate…

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Hopefully we won’t see many more deaths in the San Diego area by the mountains.

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