The beauty of Alaska

General aviation is underrated

Give it a try.
Try to go watch the horizon.

Flight info

AK75 - PAJN | XCUB | 1:32


In case you want to fly this beautiful route
Don’t follow this route in a straight line, try to follow the best view on your path.

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Btw these photos are edited using snapseed


I agree GA is very underrated, I love flying Cessnas around Portland and the coast!

Ga is the most immersive way of flying in IF tbh

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Couldn’t really choose which were the best foto’s. They’re all perfect!
Those Screenshots are amazing, I can learn alot from it.
I should try that flight too!

love the glow of the sun reflecting off the mountains

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It’s a 4 way tie 💀

No more, also these pictures have made me want to fly the Xcub now… lol

Thank youuu

How is that even possible

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Try it, it’s amazing to fly and pretty fast for a small plane.
The cockpit is one of the best parts of it

It’s the fog I think

It is beautifull until you get to Anchorage and then its just flat😭!!

I will cry the day we get Mountains added above 60 degrees north, just got to keep hoping and waiting!!

Snapseed is an amazing app!

If you haven’t before check out LD. It’s a great one too :)

Luckily the next rework is a GA aircraft.

What’s being reworked next?

Yes the C208.

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That first photo 😍