The beauty of Africa

Hello everybody!

A few days ago i decided to fly a new airline for me, DAS Air Cargo.
Some of you may be wondering what DAS Air Cargo is or should i say “was”?

What was DAS air cargo?

Here is a note from DAS themselves.

Please note that I have edited the text to keep it as much up to date as possible.

Established in 1983, DAS Air Cargo was a modern, professional and efficient ALL CARGO airline. Operating a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, they were equipped with the flexibility to deliver a vast variety of cargo around the globe.

Operating out of hubs in Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Dubai, Entebbe and Lagos, their scheduled services link(ed) Africa with Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

DAS Air Cargo went bankrupt in 2007.

Flight information

Server: Expert
Time: 1h & 47min
Route: HUEN - HAAB / Entebbe, Uganda - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Aircraft: DC-10F

Though it may not look like it on the photos, this route is one of the most beautiful I’ve flown.

Rotating out of Entebbe

The beautiful scenery of Entebbe

Approaching Ethiopia as the terrain gets dryer and dryer…

On the visual into Bole Intl

A floaty touchdown, but butter as always

Parked at the gate, what a tail!

Thank you for looking through, hope you liked the pictures :)


Very underrated livery, awesome shots!

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Thank you so much!

The livery is beautiful, and the DC-10F is just as good to fly :)

Awesome angles! I especially love Number 5! Keep it up!
Happy Flying :D

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Thank you Cign, very much appreciated.

Lovely pictures!

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Thank you!

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I’m a simple guy, I see Africa, I like.

But in all seriousness, it’s nice to see more and more users flying within Africa. The DAS livery is one charmer.

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Truly beautiful scenery on the fourth picture. 👌

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This looks incredible! Glad you let us know about this route :)

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It’s absolutely beautiful, I would definitely recommend it.

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It is, Africa is incredible.

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Thank you :)

Now DAS some nice shots you got there (sorry for the pun)

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Thank you, das a great pun ;)

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