The beautiful scenery of the Caribbean Islands!

This is just ONE of the many beautiful Caribbean Islands! There are so many islands to check out, let me know which to do next! (I’m thinking Havana, but i’ll let you guys decide.) Other than that, enjoy these pictures and let me know your thoughts on them :D

I am actually thinking on creating a YouTube channel for IF, but not really sure what to do. Hmm.


Nice; the first photo is great! Scenery is amazing, keep it up!

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Nice photos! The Caribbean is nice!

Do make sure to add a tiny bit more info such as Route, server and time.


Alright, I will keep this in mind. What could I add if I am just flying around with no route? (In Solo mode, of course.)

thank you! :D

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Just say that you were flying around randomly in Solo. Not difficult.

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Ohhh, alright. Thank you for the info! :)

Great pictures and especially the first one is really stunning! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome shots! :)

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Awesome!!, I love it

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