The beautiful JFK Fly-Out! @KJFK - 201230ZAUG19

Welcome to my JFK fly-out! We will be using terminal 4 and if needed we will add on more terminals. Have fun!

Please reply for a gate and an airline from these options:

  • International: Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air India, Air Serbia, Asiana, Avianca, Avianca Brasil, Caribbean Airlines, China Airlines, China Southern, Copa Airlines, EgyptAir, El Al, Emirates, Etihad, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Swiss, Uzbekistan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Volaris, WestJet, XiamenAir, and XL Airways.

  • Domestic: Delta, JetBlue, and Sun Country.

Server: Training
Time: 8:30PM EST (12:30AM Zulu)
Date: AUG 18, 2019.

•No trolling
•Listen to ATC
•Professionalism is KEY
•Be respectful to all players

Please arrive 15 mins prior to start at assigned gate. Enjoy!

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I might join, I’ll check later,

But your going to have to change some stuff, for example it needs to be events

Please, use this tutorial to help a lot of people out! Discourse Update - "Insert Date" Feature

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Ok! Thanks man!

Please change the title to follow the category rules!


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Yes you may. I suck at events

Somebody already did it

Could I join? I may be able to make it

Ok. Which airline and route desired?

Do you need ATC?

If there is no atc when we start, then yes

Ok, I can be ATC

Awesome. 👍🏻

Wait, what time is the event in Zulu?

12:30 AM. I think.

Delta- jfk to msp

Ok. Also, I made a mistake on the date. I meant for it to say today and I just fixed it.

They don’t operate at T-4 I don’t think though.

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@Brenden_Hirsch You have gate 55 at terminal 4.