The Beautiful Flyover

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever spotting topic!! I will be making a lot of these over the summer!!

On Saturday May 16th we had a special flyover in Buffalo! There were not one but TWO aircraft flying over Buffalo! The aircraft were the Douglas C-47 and a P-51 Mustang. While we were waiting, I got some pictures of some commercial airline’s! I hope you enjoy these photos! The camera I used was the Cannon T3I!

Ok to start off we had a Southwest B737-700 in the Heart Livery from Baltimore KBWI! On final for runway 5!

Next we have a Delta CRJ 700 from Detroit KDTW on final for runway 5!

And then we have a Southwest B737-700 from Tampa on final for runway 5!

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for! The Flyover!! Here is the photo of the Douglas C-47 from WWII!

And here’s the photo of the P-51 Mustang!

I couldn’t forgot to take a photo of a BIRB for @Robertine and @anon38496261

Which one was your favorite?

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Thank you for viewing this topic! I would love to hear your feedback on these photos!
And everyone Stay Safe out there!


Great shots!
Those must have been impressive to see! (Especially the beach chicken)
Keep it up!



Thank you!!

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So what does everyone think of these photos?

Good photos. That’s a RIP on the heat haze…


Yeah I was so mad that the heat haze was there!

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why can’t we vote for the BIRB?

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Oh I forgot about it! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can’t edit it! Sorry!

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I can’t vote for the BIRB :(

Sorry about that!😔

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Haha all good g! Nice shots!

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Nah ur good it was a joke. :D

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Wow! The votes are close between 4 and 5!

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