The Beautiful Caledonian Flower

Hello everyone! Today I flew probably one of the best liveries on the A339! The flower of Caledonia. Air Calin!

Very Important Info

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A339
Livery: Air Calin

Parked at the gate with the Sun Rising in Narita.

Departing into the rising sun of Japan

The best winglet! 🌺

The Tail full of Caledonia!

Moonshot 🌝

Descending into Noumea!

Runway in sight. Gear down!

A very smooth touchdown.

Parked at the gate with the other Air Calins.

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Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!

free flowers


Beautiful livery

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Wonderful shots! We should fly together sometime :)

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Love these photos! 3 and 5 are my favorite!!!

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