The beautiful 737 BBJ

Hello IFC, as always I am going to make this short and sharp as I don’t want to bore you away.

Aircraft - Boeing 737 BBJ
Server - Solo
Airport - Glasgow
Time to take and edit - 10 minutes

50, 40, 30, 20, 10...

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Just wonder, @Qantas094 would you say this is over-edited? As you have said my pictures are a little over-edited sometimes.

If I am going to be honest, it’s fine, it’s not over-edited in any which way, well done mate!

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Yay, thank you mate!

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How do you guys edit the photo to make it look so… nice?

By using precision and the latest photo editing sites 😉

Amazing photo @Luke_King-kong
But I have one question

Did u grease?

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We say G R E A S E and not butter 😉 :ok_hand:.

Sorry I forgot


Sorry I meant to vote yes and nice picture by the way keep up the good work

@FLIGHT2 Adobe Light Room :)

@J2S I most certainly did :)

@Jaylan_Brown we all say nice landing :okay_hand:

@captainJONES no problem, just hit show vote > then the one you want to vote :)

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