The Bay flyout series 1.0 @KSFO - 142100ZMAR20

Are you sure your gates are correct…?


Did I have a mistake

Ok I fixed so do you want to join

Uh, hey dude. Listen, events should be nice and planned out so everyone can enjoy. This one seems pretty sloppy and messy. For example, I highly doubt that AA has 3 787 flights out of SFO. You may want to plan more before posting something next time.

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Ok well want are telling me there shouldn’t be 3 787

I’m trying to tell you that this whole post seems quite inaccurate. American doesn’t send a single 787 to SFO.

Events should be well executed and thought out. You should do some good research before posting one. Have a look at this event, this is a nice, quality event post.

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Ok well my bad

There are no mistakes

Just a quick heads up, Alaska does not operate a CRJ 200 nor is it in Infinite Flight.

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Off the top of my head these are wrong, not to mention your 787 issues


Also you are missing many terminals, including the International terminal.

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Read my letter

There will be no cargo are international flight

Read my letter there will be no cargo or international flights

And there more gates we are not doing them

@Suhas Don’t join the event then. No one mentioned that the gates needed to be realistic.


Thank you @DeerCrusher

Do you want to join

Given my extremely unpredictable schedule I cannot commit to joining events. Sorry. 😔


O ok that is fine