The Battle of the A350’s

Which livery do you prefer and why?


Personally I prefer the VA 350 because the engines look amazing.


I like the Singapore one because of the colors blend

Tough one… Singapore Airlines on the A350 is just so iconic, but Virgin Atlantic’s stunning red colour is hard to beat! 😬🔥

VA is red. I love red.

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The Singapore, it just looks to perfect

Virgin Atlantic for sure, those cherry red engines are just so beautiful

Singapore Airlines because it just fits the A350

And no just because I’m Singaporean it doesn’t mean I’m bias


Really hard to decide… The A350 is my favourite aircraft!

If I had to choose I’d say Singapore, since I love the colour tone, both colours match perfectly.

Still the VS A350 looks amazing, especially the engines!


I think the Finland is the best.Hope to see A350-1000

I just love how SQ manages to have a modern livery with a cheatline

Virgin Because its elegant

Probably Singapore Airlines because I’ve always loved their livery.

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I favour Virgin’s A350 more since I’ve actually spotted it irl and plus the livery has the flag theme of the English flag which is something that I do adore

The crimson red on the VA engines are just so unique, it’s really stunning

I prefer the Virgin Atlantic. It fits the scenery behind it.

I like the SIA better because more colors but I like the red of the VA livery, especially the engines.

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I personally like the Delta livery on the A350 because of the beautiful winglet livery on it.

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Sorry wrong account. I prefer VA though

IMO the A350 is the best aircraft ever and these photos are amazing, great job!

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