The Battle of Britain, In IF


So today, I went flying (of course). @KennedyTurner and @Jrpilot5 joined me today, on the (almost) 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. If you count the years, not the months or days, it’s the 80th anniversary. Anyway, @Jrpilot5 and @KennedyTurner we’re flying their P-38’s, and I was flying a Spitfire, which was a stand-in for a BF-109. We were over the English Channel for this one (because it’s the Battle of Britain). So it’s about time I show the photo, because that’s what this topic is for, not me giving a lecture to y’all.

My BF-109 (Spitfire) comes out of an inverted dive, into a sharp turn to chase down @KennedyTurner and his P-38. Unlike real life though, I won the battle, but luckily this is IF.

Pixlr, like normal, is the editor I used, as well as default apps on Apple. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked this WWll photo, and have a great day! And thank you to veterans and service members a well!


This looks really good and realistic! Very well done, thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much, @JulianB! And you’re welcome too.


Cool scenario !

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Thank you, and yes it was really cool!

We need more of this and I didn’t even know. Nice!

Great shot! It was really fun to fly with you guys!

Yes we do need more, and thanks, @EyesSkyward!

It wasn’t just fun, it was incredibly fun, thanks for flying with me, @Jrpilot5!


I think it’s officially @AlphaSeven vs @Butter_Boi in the game of edits. You guys should make a topic and see who wins


Ooh, is that a competition I hear?

Ah yes, it is a competition. A friendly completion that is.


This is awesome work mate @Butter_Boi

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Thank you a lot, @SahyaQFFlyer!

I saw let’s make a competition 😏👍


All I will say about these awesome pics is that, I just showed these to my friend and he said: “Who takes the time to take and track down these old photos? But the dedication is very respectable”

He thought they were real!

I agree, @AlphaSeven. Competition time!

Means so much, thank you! You should probably tell him I haven’t tracked down these photos though, I made them in IF.


Nice pictures!

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Thank you, @Siddhansh!

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