The Battle For The Middle East

Afternoon all,

Just wanted to get a quick debate going to see some of your opinions.


I would love to hear which you prefer why and what you think in the following categories:

First Class Product
Business Class Product
Econnomy Class Product
Cabin Crew
Flight Execution

I will also add a vote to see what you all think.

  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Qatar

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Note: Please be factual from your experience (or reviews you have seen) and please backup your opinion with WHY.

Thankyou for your time. I also hope to open new ones similar to this in the future after this one is closed.

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I flew many QA Flights. Always perfect. I flew a few Emirates : great aircrafts and crew, but got several delays, and one long one. Never tried Etihad, alas…

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Personally, i prefer Qatar. Thet have undoubtedly the best business class in the skies and their level of service is amazing from the minute you walk on, you are guided to your seat then assigned a personal flight attendant who persoally introduces themself by name before getting you any drink you want. Then the cabin manager comes around and introduces themself by name says any problems contact me then you can dine on demand anytime and upon landing, your flight attendant says good bye and enjoy what your doing next which they have gavered from having a conversation with you inflight.

Also i think Emirates is getting too big and is more focused on money than service. And etihad unfortunately is cutting back on its services and amenities and also is know to have fairly bad legroom.

Although i believe for the Middle East there is also another great competitor which isnt far off joining the big 3 and that is Turkish Airlines. They are strategically very well placed and tgey already have a chef onboard and they just need to up their product slightly and open some new routes especially to Oceania which has alreadt been rumoured they are planning thenni have no doubt that theybwill be competing in the Middle East Market.


Yeah Emirates also their Dubai hub is turning into a Human chicken run it is crammed 24/7 and Etihad sadly is on the decline

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Agree with you on Turkish


Can I just say that, Never Have I Ever Flown With… Emirates 😅

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Emirates is overated. There business class is subpar to the US3, Etihad, Qatar, and pretty much every other nice airline.

Etihad is a cost cutting nightmare at the moment. There fleet is all over the place, and there investments are just terrible.

Qatar isn’t bad. Many people however don’t know that there working conditions aren’t great. (Google it)

Turkish is going to become an even big player. They serve the most destinations of any airline. They fly wodebodies to places you’ve never heard of.

Smaller airlines like Oman Air should not be forgotten, they have a very strong niche.


This is quite true Smaller airlines like Oman have competitive product and better than Etihad at times I travelled via Oman to Paris and the service and the food was exceptional top notch quality…
Let me come back to the topic I haven’t travelled in Qatar so I don’t know about them . But I have travelled both in Emirates and Etihad , but I think Emirates has the upper hand here primarily they have large aircrafts due to which you won’t have to worry about space and their custom entertainment ICE (Best in the world).
Although I had a 10 hour delay once but they compensated us with a free round trip ticket which was so greatful of them compared to Etihad deploying smaller aircraft with even broken seats , that was worse .

Emirates wins in my case!

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Cuz I’ve never flown Qatar or Etihad lol

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Flew twice on Qatar in July. Economy was recommendable, with great IFE screens and wide selection, and plenty legroom. Both fairly new aircraft (77W and A380). Cabin crew very attentive, flights were punctual, even leaving early in one case.

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I agree with you on most points here.

And Turkish just need to fly to Oceania and they are good.

Yeah however Qatar have large aircraft and have what some say to be the best IFE in the world however undisputedly the 2nd best. And also you have to take into account comfort, seat, food etc but you are right with Emirates over Etihad. Etihad is sadly crumbling away.

Times are changing, Emirates seems like it’s trying to cling onto its old reputation, Etihad is going bankrupt while Qatar is actually really starting to bring a challenge to EK and in my opinion, starting to beat them. Definitely an interesting time in Middle Eastern Avaition


Agreed! Nicely put ( - : <

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I have to include Turkish since it’s in the same region with the other ME3.

Punctuality: Emirates. As long as you are not departing from Dubai, the airline can really be punctual. While flying with them 2 months ago, we pushed back early by 15min .

Economy seat: Qatar. Unless you are flying with Emirates’ A380s, the best economy seats are on Qatar’s fleet.

Food: Turkish airlines wins here. Their economy class food is one of the best I’ve had.

Hub airport: Atatürk is heavily crowded, AUH is too small for its operations, Dubai is similarly congested during peak hours though easy to transit. Doha is more preferable as a hub airport to transit since it has more space.

IFE: Emirates has the best though Qatar comes a close second with Turkish Airlines.

Service: It would be a draw for all the fiur airlines.


  1. Emirates
  2. Qatar
  3. Turkish
  4. Etihad

Great analysis. Turkish even have a chef onboard every flight or is it just long haul?

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I think it’s on every flight. I’ve seen flight reviews on their intra-European flights having a chef on board.

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I have been on Etihad and Emirates but i still think qatar is the best one, emirates second.

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Thanks for all your opinions. Second Thread now open.

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