The battery life question

I left my iPad Air 2 for a 9 hour flight.

The brightness was on the lowest level.

I didn’t put it on charge. Will it last the flight ??


I Don’t think so, put it to charge and enable low power mode on your ipad to save battery.


I doubt it will, you should plug your iPad in after 4-5 hours ;)

It depends on many factors such as the amount of cycles your battery already had to go through…


I believe the smartest thing to do when flying that long of a flight is to connect it with a charger. I don’t think it will last that long considering Infinite Flight uses quite a bit of battery.

But this will kill the battery life and I want to do long flights

Why can’t you leave it plugged in to the mains power?

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Because I forgot.

Also question: does it kill battery if I leave it flying and in charge ???

It doesn’t kill it but it may eventually go down but it will go down slowly.

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It depends on your device and charger honestly. @Carson told me that his iPad on charge while flying, was going down gradually.

However, on my iPhone 7+, when I charge and fly, the battery goes up gradually. So it really depends on those two factors.

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This was in earlier versions. Limiting frame rate and low power modes should all help battery problems.


Make sure to use the 12/10/8W iPad wall adaptors for faster charging. They even work with iPhones too. The worst thing you can do though is plug an iPad into a 5W iPhone charger. It will charge PAINFULLY slow.

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If you can,

Lowering settings in the Gear->Graphics tab can increase your battery as well. Do this if you aren’t staring at your phone for the whole flight suitable for overnight flights. (all settings can be set to low)

It is advised that you plug directly in. If not, then your flight may not make it. Keep in mind that the screen may be dark but the cell/wifi is constantly working.

Be sure to enable “Low power mode” in the settings which will help when the screen is idle. You can also check the “limit frame rate” while flying to help out.

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Thank s a lot guys. I guess my flight dies which is good in certain ways for me because I testing something out