The Baltimore Thurgood Flyout 11MAY24

Gate C9 to HOU for me

You are both added

Can SWVA sponsor?

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Yes! How many gates?

10 please in the A terminal

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10 gates coming right up

Hey there, unfortunately I will have to back out as I have something going on this day now. Hope to make it to another one soon!

Can I have this one?

Changes are made

Southwest off Bravo 2 for PHX

Welcome! I got you down

A2 please This should be good

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I’ll get you down

I dont know what terminal they use but could I get a Bermudair (blank) E175 to bermuda?

I would like this one pls

Changes are made.

Is that a real route?

yep, check flight radar 24 2T552

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They just started the route like last year I believe

Ok, your down!