The balance is not reflected

Hello, today I decided to buy balance in Google play for the IF monthly subscription, everything was fine, the balance is correctly reflected in the store, but not in the simulator, I already restarted the device and it is not solved, is there any way to solve this?

Is the balance usually reflected in Infinite Flight? I would think it just shows the price. :/

No, at the bottom of the first screen hood it shows that my balance is 8.91 MXN (which is inside the simulator) in the second screenshot it shows the balance of 208.91 MXN, it is a balance that the simulator does not load

Oh, I understand now. But when you try to purchase the subscription it doesn’t go through?

no, I don’t know if the problem is with Google play store or with the simulator

Might be the simulator. Hopefully someone gets a handle on this.

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Have you tried logging in and out of Infinite Flight?

yes and it still doesn’t work

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Oh no! This sucks.

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Off topic, but I realized I had a birthday cake icom next to my account! I didn’t know what it meant, but turns out I joined the IFC two years ago!

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Handled via email