The Baby Bus Group Flight!

Why not. Count me in

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I’ve signed you up!

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I’ll take this gate

Sorry for the delay, I’ll sign you up.

F26 please

Sign me up

Both of you are signed up!

Can you sign me up too

Absolutely, I’ll get you signed up.

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This looks very fun. Unfortunately I’m still grade 2, however currently I’m on track to hopefully be grade 3 by the time of this flight

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Welcome to the community! If you want, I can reserve you a gate with hopes that you can get grade 3 by the time of the event.

Yes please. I dont care which gate, and i think ill be Grace 3 by the end of this week

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@Railfanner365 I’m so sorry for the delay, I forgot to sign you up! 😂

You’ve been added now.

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